Beowulf is Considered an Epic Poem Because It

Beowulf is Considered an Epic Poem Because It

An Epic is a long narrative poem that deals with a slap-up and serious subject in a lofty and elevated style. It is fix in a remote time and identify and the action involves heroic deeds. The characters are heroic and m. At times, the gods and goddesses and supernatural beings participate in the activity.

Beowulf belongs to the epic of growth or traditional or primary or authentic or folk epic. Information technology is a national epic of the Teutons. The story elements or materials of Beowulf have been largely fatigued upon the traditional Teutonic (Germanic) ethos. The stories are relates to continental or Scandinavian lands. Britain does not figure at all in Beowulf, even though it is considered as the national epic of England. Information technology conforms to quite a few accepted norms of epic, though critics often differ every bit to its epic qualities and grandeur.

The long narrative characteristic of the ballsy is traceable in Beowulf which is a verse form of 3182 lines — quite long. In these lines the epic records the heroic actions and exploits of the hero Beowulf. The hero achieves spectacular victory over the homo killing monster Grendel in Hrothgar’due south Hall named Heorat. He killed the monster in a heroic fashion appropriate for an ballsy hero. The way he fought deserves praise and admiration. He then killed Grendel’s mother in the cave at the dark bottom of the sea. Hither also Beowulf showed his boggling courage, valour and fighting ability. Subsequently reigning the people of Geat for long fifty years as their benevolent king, he over again fought and killed the burn down-dragon though he was poisoned by the dragon’s venomous blood to death at a later stage. Thus the narrative is befitting for an epic tale.

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To talk about the subject matter of the epic undoubtedly information technology is serious and great. As a dandy warrior, Beowulf exhibited his leadership quality. He, as an epitome of virtue, went ahead to shell the vice. The monster and the dragon episodes are matters that terrorise and destabilize the peace and placidity of a society which is to be protected by a beneficial king or a virtuous soul. The reign of vice is anti- Christian and also anti-pagan. It cannot be allowed to continue.

The style of Beowulf is consistently lofty and dignified. The massive simplicity and sustained narrative of noble events capture popular imagination. The heroic actions have expressed in the 1000 style. As far equally Beowulf is concerned, it has a dignified and grand style based on simplicity. Though the poet of Beowulf is bearding, the grand poetic style proves that he was a poet of very high standard and calibre. The speeches are stately. The tone is restrained and there is an undertone of melancholy and moral earnestness throughout the poem. The wealth variety and picturesqueness of expressions have heightened the epical grandeur of Beowulf that offers a picture of heroic age and the story refers to pre- Christian menstruation in a Teutonic race in the sixth century – a time dominated by paganism. The references to funeral ship (line 27), the offerings at the shrines (line 175), the omens (line 204), the boar on helmets (lines 303,1111,1286,1451,2152), the cached of treasures (2233), and cremation (lines 1108,2124,3137) are heathen and heathen.

Besides the epic hero, the characterization of super-natural figures/elements is noticeable in the epic. They predominate throughout the poem quite effectively. In the commencement part, the monster Grendel and his mother and in the 2nd part, the fire-dragon which are certainly super natural beings. Homo is ready against monsters and dragons. In this respect Beowulf is at par with other famous epic, like Homer’s ‘Iliad’ and Milton’southward ‘paradise Lost’. The quality of an epic’s being historical or semi-historical is also discernble in Beowulf. The epic has a historical base, even so, thin in may be. Hygelac, the uncle of Beowulf, may exist identified with Cochilaicus, who invaded the lower Rhine about 512 A.D. and had Beowulf equally one of his trusted lieutenan.

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Last merely not least, the chief character of the narrative is Beowulf and he is epic hero. He is an eloquent speaker and tin hold his formalism dignity. The mighty figure of Beowulf towers head and shoulders of his peers. He is a smashing hero, a loyal thane, a well-dearest king. Beowulf every bit an epic hero eclipses even Achilles. Likewise Beowulf, the characterization of other characters is superb. Wiglaf, the symbol of faith and fidelity, risks his life for his master and upholds the traditional values. Hrothgar is the most chivalrous ruler, Wealhtheow is the gracious queen.

Though critics differ as to consider Beowulf as a true epic, notwithstanding information technology is undoubtedly an ballsy. Information technology has observed some major accepted norms of epic every bit have been discussed. With all its weaknesses, it is considered as the kickoff national ballsy of England or English literature.

Beowulf is Considered an Epic Poem Because It