Order the Words to Form Superlative Sentences

Order the Words to Form Superlative Sentences

4 Rules for Superlative Adjectives with Examples and Exercises

Who is your best friend? What is the almost delicious nutrient in the globe? If y’all didn’t know it already, whenever you talk most something you consider to be at the superlative level or lesser level of quality, yous will employ
acme adjectives

to depict those opinions.

Allow’due south have a look at
the divergence betwixt comparative and summit adjectives

and explore
the rules for creating elevation adjectives

in English.

The difference between the heightand comparative

Comparatives and superlatives are used to make comparisons of any sort. The deviation between them is that the comparative
(better, faster, etc)

will compare two people or objects. With a comparative describing word, you besides utilize the give-and-take ‘than’. You lot can written study all the rules nosotros follow in order to form a comparative in this web log mail.

Take a look at the examples beneath:

  • This brownie is more than than succulent


     the 1 nosotros had yesterday.
  • The brownie is better than the ice foam.

Superlative adjectives too make comparisons. Still, y’all use these to evidence how something or someone is dissimilar (for amend or for worse) from all other options. Likewise, you lot don’t use the give-and-take ‘than’ to class a top comparing. Read the examples to run beyond a peak in a sentence.

  • This credibility is the
    well-nigh delicious credibility I take e’er tasted.
  • The brownie isthe best
    dessert on the menu.
This brownie is the nigh succulent credibility in the world.

Rules to class superlatives

At that place are four rules yous need to written report in lodge to create the top of the adjectives in English language. If you want to review the rules we apply to the comparative course, take a look at this post hither on the PrepEng web log.

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Exercise you lot understand the structure of a superlative judgement? Check your knowledge below.

Messi is the near talented soccer role player in the earth.

  • ‘Messi’ is the
    subject area
    of the sentence.
  • ‘is’ is the

  • ‘the about talented’ is the

    describing word of  ‘talented.’
  • ‘soccer player in the world’ is the

    of the judgement.

Could yous lot write a sentence using this information in the peak?

  • Emerge / is / tall / girl in her class

Check your reply in the terminal paragraph to see if y’all got information technology correct!

Dominion #ane

– one-syllable adjectives, add together together -est to the terminate

With one-syllable adjectives, y’all add -est to the give-and-take in order to course the top.

A syllable is a voiced office of a word. For example, the word

has 2 syllables:
wa-ter. The discussion

has only i syllable. The word
has three syllables.

If you lot are unsure near how many syllables one adjective has, you lot can use the clap play a trick on. It is very simple: handclapping every quaternary dimension you open up your mouth while saying a word. Yous can as well check a lexicon that volition put small-scale separators betwixt each syllable.

Hither is a elevation describing word list. Each has only one syllable and ends in -est.

Describing word inexpensive
Tiptop Form the cheapest
Case My blueish jacket is the cheapest item in my closet.
Adjective common cold
Elevation Grade the coldest
Case Alaska is the coldest country in the U.southward..
Adjective erstwhile
Superlative Grade the oldest
Case Kate is the oldest of her siblings.
Adjective fast
Superlative Grade the fastest
Example Ferrari makes the fastest automobile in the earth.

For adjectives catastrophe in ‘c-5-c’ (consonant-vowel-consonant), double the concluding letter of the alphabet of the alphabet so add -est.

  • big –
    the biggest

    • Wrong spelling: the bigest
    • Example: The elephant isthe biggestanimal I have always seen.
  • thin –
    the thinnest

    • Incorrect spelling: the thinest
    • Example: That wasthe thinnest dog ever. Poor thing, it must exist starving.
  • sorry –
    the saddest

    • Incorrect spelling: the sadest
    • Example: Wow! This was definitelythe saddestpicture show I accept ever watched.
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Rule #2– If the adjective ends in –y, add together -iest

Describing give-and-take angry
Top Course the angriest
Instance My math instructor is the angriest teacher in the school.
Adjective busy
Pinnacle Form the busiest
Case This will be the busiest week in the yr for the financial department.
Adjective happy
Tiptop Form the happiest
Example My wedding ceremony twenty-four hour period was the happiest solar day of my life.
Adjective tidy
Height Class the tidiest
Case Laura’due south firm is the tidiest abode I have ever visited.
Adjective funny
Superlative Grade the funniest
Case In my opinion, Adam Sandler is the funniest actor in Hollywood.

Rule #three

– Apply ‘the well-nigh’ for long adjectives with ii or more syllables

Adjective careful
Pinnacle Grade the almost careful
Case My granddaddy is the almost careful person I have ever met.
Adjective hard
Tiptop Course the nearly difficult
Instance This is the most hard test I have always taken.
superlative adjective, examples, exercises, learn English online
“This is
the virtually difficult

test I take ever taken!”
Adjective interesting
Top Form the about interesting
Example The 2nd book is the well-nigh interesting of the trilogy.
Adjective beautiful
Superlative Form the well-nigh beautiful
Example Yous accept the almost cute eyes in the family!
Adjective expensive
Summit Grade the well-nigh expensive
Example I dear this wearing apparel. Information technology is the near expensive piece of clothing I have ever bought.
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Rule #4

– Irregular forms

  • GOOD

    – The pinnacle form is ‘the all-time’

  • BAD

    – The top form is ‘the worst’

  • FAR

    –  The comparative form is ‘the farthest’.

Exercise: Comparative or Superlative?

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Order the Words to Form Superlative Sentences

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