What is the Value of X Brainly

What is the Value of X Brainly

77.viii% of Gen Z students say it is important to focus on their career

52.8% of students say bacon is the well-nigh pregnant factor when choosing a chore

Hyderabad, India 19th May 2022 Career emerges as the most important criterion for Gen Z when preparing for exams. Brainly, India’s #1 doubt-solving platform for students and parents, conducted an online survey to understand what motivates the students to put extra hours into preparing for their exams. Brainly polled nearly iv,000 Gen Z students nearly their career expectations, which revealed a distinct change in how they consider salaries, status, social impact, and more than.

Career is the most important parameter followed by salary, status, social touch on, and more for Gen Z members than it was for their parents. This is a significant finding of a survey conducted by Brainly, which is used by over five.v crore students, parents, and educators in India.

Interestingly, in the United States, a like survey of 5,000 people compared Gen Z responses to previous generations – millennials, Gen Ten, and boomers. Only 66.8% of Gen Z respondents selected “bacon” every bit an important option. This is nearly 20% less than what those their parents’ age and above indicated. Amid Gen Z, college students in the USA (51.2%) were the least concerned nigh salary.

In the Indian survey, 77.eight% of the students polled said they gave more importance to preparing for a future career. When considering a future job, 39% of high schoolhouse students said they valued high-paying jobs, and 36.two % of middle school students said that they preferred loftier paying jobs. 54.i% of middle schoolhouse students said they would exist happy working remotely in futurity jobs. fifty.8% of loftier school students said they would prefer remote working. When it comes to choosing a job, 52.8% of all students polled said salary is the nearly meaning gene. 35.two% of all students said they would value the chore title more the salary.

Commenting on the survey, Mr. Narsimha Jayakumar, Managing Managing director, Brainly, India said: “Gen Z represents the future workforce, and information technology is important for educators to listen to these voices and understand the role education should play in preparing this generation for tomorrow. They must notice ways to equip them with the skills and experiences that volition enable them to create a amend working environs for future generations. That is why, at Brainly, we’re committed to bringing education to the forefront through elementary, accessible technologies and educational resources that Gen Z can rely on.”

The primary motive for students to piece of work was to aid their families, co-ordinate to 56.1% of the respondents while 49.6% of loftier school students wanted to make coin to save for the futurity. While 41% of the respondents wanted to make money for personal enjoyment, 63% of students believe their current instruction is preparing them for their desired careers.

When asked to choose betwixt a “repetitive but high-paying job at a huge, for-turn a profit house” and a “stimulating but low-paying position with an environmental awareness system”, nearly 64% of Gen Z respondents chose the onetime.

“Students of this generation are career-focused and requite a lot of importance to salary and status. They are embarking on their education journey with college expectations than previous generations of students,” summarizes Mr. Jayakumar.

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22 Jun 2010


What is the value of x + 7 ? [#permalink]

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What is the value of │x + 7│? (ane) │x + 3│= xiv

(ii) (x + two)^ii = 169

Originally posted by mehdiov on 06 Sep 2010, 14:00.

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Re: What is the value of │x + 7│? [#permalink]

  09 Sep 2010, 10:47

What is the value of |10 + vii|?(one) \(|x+3|=14\) –> \(x=xi\) or \(ten=-17\), so \(|x+7|=18\) or \(|x+vii|=10\). Not sufficient.(2) \((ten+two)^ii=169\) –> \(10=11\) or \(ten=-xv\), and so \(|x+7|=18\) or \(|x+7|=viii\). Not sufficient.(1)+(2) \(|x+7|=18\). Sufficient.Answer: C. _________________

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What is the value of x + seven ? [#permalink]

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STAT1|x+3| = 14will requite you lot two solutionsx+3 = 14 and x+3 = -14x = 11, -17SO, Not SUFFICIENT


(10+2)^two = 169x+2 = +-13x = -15, 11So, NOT SUFFICIENTIf you take STAT1 and STAT2 together then there is only ane value of 10 which satisfies both the Statements and is x=11so, x=11Hence, Answer will be CHope it helps!

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Originally posted by BrushMyQuant on 02 Apr 2013, 21:05.

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Re: What is the value of x + vii ? [#permalink]

  28 Sep 2016, 15:15

mehdiov wrote:

What is the value of │ten + 7│? (1) │10 + 3│= 14

(2) (x + two)^2 = 169

Target question:

What is the value of |x+7|?

Statement 1: |ten+iii| = 14

When solving questions involving Accented VALUE, there are 3 steps:

1. Apply the rule that says:

If |x| = k, and so x = k and/or ten = -g

2. Solve the resulting equations3. Plug in the solutions to bank check for extraneous roots So, x+3 = 14OR x+3 = -14When nosotros solve the two equations, we go x = 11 OR x = -17

NOTE: Although we got two different answers, we must check whether we get 2 unlike answers to the
target question.

If 10 = 11, then
|x + seven| = |eleven + vii| =

If ten = -17, so
|10 + 7| = |-17 + 7| =

Since we cannot reply the
target question
with certainty, statement 1 is Not SUFFICIENT

Statement 2: (x+ii)² = 169

This means EITHER (10+two) = xiii OR (x+two) = -13 When nosotros solve the two equations, we get ten = xi OR ten = -xv

If x = 11, then
|x + 7| = |xi + 7| =

If x = -fifteen, then
|x + 7| = |-fifteen + 7| =

Since we cannot answer the
target question
with certainty, statement 2 is Non SUFFICIENT

Statements 1 and two combined

Argument 1 tells us that
|x + vii| =
18 OR 10

Statement two tells u.s. that
|ten + 7| =
18 OR eight

So, if BOTH statements are true, then
|x + seven|

Since we can answer the
target question
with certainty, the combined statements are SUFFICIENT

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Answer =

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Re: What is the value of 10 + seven ? [#permalink]

  eleven Mar 2017, 01:26

Argument 1: |10+3| = 14 Nosotros need to consider the modulus sign and build casesCase I : 10 + 3 > 0 If X + three > 0 then |x+3| will exist positive and hence nosotros will get ten+3 = xiv => 10=11Substitute back and see if satisfies the condition; eleven+3 = 14 > 0 –> Keep itCase II: X+three < 0If ten+3 < 0; then |x+three| will be negative => -(x+3) =fourteen => -x -iii =14 => -10=17 => ten=-17Substitute back and meet if satisfies the condition; -17 +iii = -14 < 0 –> Keep itTwo different values => A alone is not sufficientStatement II: \((10+2)^{2}\) = 169\(\sqrt{(x^{ii})}\) = |10| and hence we can say that |x+2|=13 Case I: ten+two>0Similar to st. ane: we can say that |x+2| volition be positive and hence it volition exist x+ii=thirteen => x=11Substitute back and run across if satisfies the condition; 11 +2 = 13 > 0 –> Go along itCase II: x+2<0Similar to st. 1: we can say that |x+ii| will be negative and hence it will be -(x+2) => -x-2=13 => 10=-15Substitute back and see if satisfies the condition; -15+2 = -13 < 0 –> Keep itTwo dissimilar values => B alone is non sufficient

Combining A and B, we become a common value of eleven and hence C is sufficient to answer the question.


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Re: What is the value of │x + 7│? [#permalink]

  07 Apr 2018, 00:01

Bunuel wrote:

What is the value of |x + 7|?(1) \(|10+3|=fourteen\) –> \(x=11\) or \(x=-17\), so \(|x+7|=eighteen\) or \(|x+vii|=10\). Not sufficient.(ii) \((x+2)^2=169\) –> \(x=11\) or \(x=-15\), so \(|ten+7|=18\) or \(|x+7|=8\). Non sufficient.(1)+(2) \(|10+seven|=eighteen\). Sufficient.

Answer: C.

The working is fairly simple here. My only doubt is we getting lX+7l=18 in each of the statement 1 and 2. Then, the answer is C Just we also getting lX+7l = 10 (from statement ane ) and lX+7l=8 (statement ii). And so why nosotros ignoring this values of lX+7l. And both of these are different values of sixty+7l


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02 Sep 2009


Re: What is the value of │ten + seven│? [#permalink]

  07 April 2018, 00:34

cruiseav wrote:

Bunuel wrote:

What is the value of |x + 7|?

(1) \(|x+3|=14\) –> \(10=11\) or \(x=-17\), so \(|x+7|=18\)
\(|x+7|=10\). Not sufficient.

(2) \((x+2)^2=169\) –> \(x=11\) or \(x=-xv\), then \(|x+vii|=eighteen\)
\(|10+seven|=8\). Non sufficient.

(i)+(2) \(|10+7|=18\). Sufficient.

Answer: C.

The working is fairly simple here. My only doubt is nosotros getting lX+7l=18 in each of the statement one and 2. So, the answer is C But we also getting lx+7l = 10 (from argument 1 ) and lX+7l=eight (statement ii). So why we ignoring this values of threescore+7l. And both of these are unlike values of lX+7l

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In DS when you lot have say a = i or a = ii in (i) and a = i or a = 3 in (ii), then when considering (i)+(2) you are taking the common value, so a = 1.The aforementioned in the given question, both (1) and (2) requite 2 possible values of |x+7|. When considering (ane)+(2) |x+7| could just be one of those value, the one which is common for (1) and (ii). _________________

Re: What is the value of │x + seven│? [#permalink]

  10 Jul 2019, 21:41

ajitsah wrote:

What is the value of │x + 7│?(one) |ten + 3│= 14

(two) (ten + 2)^two = 169

S1:|x+3| =14=> x = -three +/- xiv => x = -17 or x = 11NOT SUFFICIENTS2:\((x + 2)^two = 169\)=> |x+2| = 13=> x =-2 +/-xiii => 10 = -xv or ten = 11NOT SUFFICIENTCombining S1 & S2x = 11SUFFICIENTIMO C _________________

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Re: What is the value of x + 7 ? [#permalink]

  sixteen Jun 2020, 21:43

mehdiov wrote:

What is the value of │x + vii│? (1) │x + 3│= 14

(ii) \((x + ii)^2 = 169\)

From a strategy point of view(question specific) i am posting.|10+7| suggests that information technology would vary depending on x. And then statements 1 and 2 both should give a unique value in order for either of them(A or B) or both of them individually(D) or together(C or E) to be sufficient.Only earlier that we must realise that |x+7| calls for us to know the sign of 10 get-go(x < 0, x = 0, 10 > 0) and and so its unique value.Both the statements we come across are non suggesting any specific sign for ten or it being ‘0’. Statement one: |x+3| is more or less aforementioned equally |x+seven| if we are trying to notice the sign of x. Statement 2: \((x + 2)^ii = 169\) = \((|x + 2|)^2 = 169\). Over again we have |x+ii| which is not helpful at all. And so, we can straight eliminate A, B & D(since both statement either bargain in modernistic or squares) and spring to get to C or E. Hence doing that i solve it, saving precious time. Solving St.1 we take 10 = eleven or -17 and solving St. 2: ten = 11 or -xv.If we have ‘a’ common value of 10 and so the respond is C, else its E.Here the common value is xi. So Answer is C. _________________

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Re: What is the value of ten + 7 ? [#permalink]

  07 Apr 2022, xi:33

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Re: What is the value of 10 + 7 ? [#permalink]


What is the Value of X Brainly

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