23 Minutes to 4 O’clock is What Time Riddle

23 Minutes to 4 O’clock is What Time Riddle

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23 minutes to 4 o’clock is what fourth dimension?
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23 minutes to iv o’clock is what time riddle

“23 Minutes to 4 o’clock is what time” Many people may have faced this question. Some people jokingly enquire you this question in the street, bus, in shopping malls, and in other places to make y’all confused.

This is a question whose respond is unproblematic and few. But while answering this question in a hurry, many people requite wrong answers. Looking at the question with a cold mind, it says that at that place are nonetheless 23 minutes left to 4 o’clock, so what is the time now?


“23 Minutes to 4 o’clock is what time” the elementary and Plain answer to this question is ‘Thirty-7 minutes by Three’ (three:37).

23 Minutes to 4 o'clock is what time

The question does not mention am or pm so there is no need to add am or pm to the answer.

Since the query does non specify am or pm, information technology is sure that the query is washed according to the 24-hour timetable. As we know, the counting of hours starts after 12 midnight. From 12 o’clock at the night to 12 o’clock on the next day morning time is AM and from 12 o’clock in the day to 12 o’clock at the nighttime is PM. So in that location is no doubt that 23 minutes to four o’clock or 37 minutes to 3 is considered AM i.east. morning time.

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How did information technology happen

Perhaps some of you may have the question ’23 Minutes to 4 o’clock is what time’ as an answer to this question how did we say

Then it should be said that 1 hour is when lx minutes are completed ie ane hour = hour. In the question it was said that 23 minutes are left to four o’clock i.e. 4 o’clock is not notwithstanding, we know that the clock strikes three before iv o’clock and if we add 60 minutes to three o’clock so it is four o’clock.

The question said 23 minutes left, i.east. if we subtract 23 minutes from 60 minutes after three o’clock, the answer will exist threescore-23 = 37 minutes. So the reply to your question will be three hours 37 minutes (three:37).


For example, if y’all were asked 32 minutes to 8 o’clock, what would exist the answer here? Here the answer volition be 28 minutes past seven o’clock (7:28).

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23 Minutes to 4 O’clock is What Time Riddle

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