What is the Quadratic Regression Equation That Fits These Data

What is the Quadratic Regression Equation That Fits These Data

Exporting Data to Fit Your Needs

ChartMogul’s value comes not only from the application itself, but the data we provide. Users tin can consign data tables, activities, payment data, your subscriptions besides as a list of your customers. The Metrics API is ameliorate suited when it comes to automation of your data output needs. Information output integrations with other tools are great, but you will never cater to all possible destinations. API endpoints are more versatile just require more than work and specialized know-how to start using them.


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A lot of the work we do at ChartMogul centers around how we brandish and nowadays your data in a clear and transparent way. Nosotros sweat the details to provide the all-time user experience possible and heighten the means you can obtain insights from your data. We want people to take a great experience using ChartMogul.

Every bit a consequence, something that is piece of cake to overlook is how ChartMogul is a role of a larger ecosystem of tools that our customers use.

The truth is that our customers’ lives practice non circumduct solely around ChartMogul, every bit much every bit we would like to imagine otherwise. Fortunately, ChartMogul’s value comes not merely from the application itself, just the information we provide. To that terminate, getting the most out of that data means getting it out of ChartMogul. This is non something that applies only to us, simply arguably more broadly within the industry.

As both our customers and we grow, so take the means to see and utilize your data elsewhere.

CSVs – Elementary all the same effective

Sometimes the simplest ways are the best, and ChartMogul has long offered a wide range of CSV exports. You lot tin can export our information tables, activities, payment data, your subscriptions likewise as a list of your customers. Non only that, simply these exports can be combined with our filtering capabilities, so that y’all can focus on the information that is relevant for you.

In the last year we have provided users the option to export all of their activities via our Information Output page, worked on increasing the scalability of our exports, and released a new export which allows users to see the MRR contributed by each customer for each month. This last one had long been a characteristic request, and it has become 1 of our most popular exports!

The Metrics API – Automate your outputs

Although CSVs are easy to download and incorporate into your reports, our Metrics API is better suited when it comes to automation of your data output needs. It allows you to retrieve your data on a regular ground, whether it is to create your ain, easy-to-share dashboard, or sending your acquirement data into your information warehouse.

For example, some of our customers accept been extracting their activities and combining them with their product analytics so that they can amend assess which behaviours within their products are indicative of upcoming changes to MRR. In club to make it easier to go along the data in your data warehouse up to date, we accept added the option to excerpt activities that took place within a specific time period, likewise as narrowing it to a specific activeness type. You lot tin can also go this information as a CSV equally opposed to the usual JSON format.

Integrations with other tools – Embed seamlessly

The above methods tin can give one a lot of flexibility, only it can be more work to contain into your existing tools. For this reason, we also offer some easier ways to transport information into other existing products.

You tin can transport data from ChartMogul direct to other tools with minimal effort, and so ensure that the data is attainable to your team. An individual customer’s MRR tin can be viewed directly in Zendesk, or if yous want to see a zoomed out view, you tin can create an easy to share dashboard with Geckoboard. Yous tin also transport data to Slack, either by being notified of changes in MRR using Zapier, or obtaining scheduled summaries via Droyd. Our latest addition is the ability to view your ChartMogul data in Pitch, making those investor presentations or all-hands easier to go along upwardly to date.

Different outputs for unlike needs

The different means for extracting your ChartMogul data are a reflection of the myriad of use cases for using your data. No single solution is going to exist able to cater to all needs, so a diverseness of options is important. Data output integrations are great, but you will never cater to all possible destinations. API endpoints are more versatile, just require more than work and specialized know-how to offset using them. Finally, nosotros have the CSV exports that we started with, which are easy to utilize and flexible, just not ever as convenient as the other two options.

The different approaches may tackle different needs, merely what is hit is how many of our customers use all three approaches to put their data to piece of work outside ChartMogul. It is a practiced reminder of the value people place on the data nosotros provide. We don’t want to arrive the mode of that.

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What is the Quadratic Regression Equation That Fits These Data

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