Suppose Ruth Ann Has 3 Routes

Suppose Ruth Ann Has 3 Routes


Ruth Mountain at Night

Ruth Mountain is located in the North Cascades near the Mount Baker Ski Area. It is often viewed from it’s more popular neighbour Hannegan Top and Hannegan Pass. Ruth Mountain is mostly a hike upwards but does involve some glacier travel near it’due south summit making a rope recommended. Most people go up this meridian in a day, while the more than ambitious people do the Icy Peak traverse that goes upwardly both summits. Round trip information technology is around 12 miles in distance and a little over 4,000 feet of elevation gain machine to car. The standard route has a decent gradient to ski downwards.

A bonus to this moral building climb is the unique view of Mount Shuksan. Shuksan is most recognizable and photographed from the northwest around the Baker ski area, but the angle from Ruth displays Nooksack Tower and three glaciers cascading steeply into the valley below. Slides and avalanches can be witnessed by sight or sound from this massive face of ice and rock.

This picture was taken Sept...
Crevasses on Ruth

Oct 10, 2004 – I was first to...
Snow Bridge

Gimpilator hiking in the valley
Approaching Ruth

Stream Above
Stream In a higher place the Trail

On approach to Ruth with the...
Going towards Ruth

Ruth Mountain Panorama
Ruth Mountain Peak Panorama

Getting There

Shuksan from Nooksack

Mount Shuksan from Nooksack Span

View Easy Directions from google maps to get verbal directions from your location.
From Seattle:
Head Due north on I-5 until you attain the metropolis of Mountain Vernon. At exit 230 take a right onto highway 20 for .2 miles. At the stop light turn left onto S. Burlington Blvd for nearly .4 miles. Then take a right (Eastward) onto Highway 20 again for about v.8 miles. Take a left (Northward) onto Highway 9 which goes Due north for 22.2 miles. At the edge of the city of Deming take a right onto Highway 542 for 31.nine miles. As you arroyo the Mount Baker Ski Resort look for NF Route 32 which will be on your left. This is a dirt route just earlier the Nooksack River Bridge on Highway 542. Take this route all the way to the Hannegan Campground/trailhead which is where you park.

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From Bellingham:
The directions are pretty much the same as above except that to become to the city of Deming you accept Highway 542 (East) and proceed with the route above.

During the Winter and early Jump months it is not uncommon for big fallen trees to block this dirt road. Be prepared to hike an extra few miles to the trailhead during the Winter and Jump months.

Ridge and Glacier leading to Ruth Mnt
The Route up Ruth Mountain

Standard Route

The trip starts out as a gentile iv mile hike though the Ruth Creek valley towards Hannegan Laissez passer. Looming to a higher place the valley is Mount Sefrit to the South while Ruth Mountain is the glacier covered tiptop to the southeast. During the summer it is best to become through this section before the heat of the twenty-four hours due to the vegetation creating a lot of humidity. On the way yous cross over many creeks and see various flowers on the side of the trail.

Hannegan Peak
Hannegan Peak

Mount Baker s East Face
Mount Baker’s East Face

Goat Mountain from Ruth Mountain
Goat Meridian

Tomyhoi Peak
Tomyhoi Peak

At Hannegan Pass start heading SouthEast towards Bespeak 5930′ which starts out as a wide ridge. The gradient eases up and starts traversing effectually Point 5930 on information technology’southward Northern side. There is a piffling exposure in this section, take cation and accept your ice axes ready. Equally you get around go slightly upwardly hill until you reach the ridge where yous get a view of Ruth Mountain. Head SouthWest and start following the ridge that goes to the lesser of Ruth.

Heading up Ruth
Heading upward Ruth towards Point 5930

Amazing views leading to Ruth Ridge
Hiking towards Ruth Mountain

From here the road is directly forward. In one case you arrive on the mount itself you should rope up for glacier travel. Information technology looks like a harmless snowfield in earlier season, only don’t be fooled past appearance. Keep your eyes on the prize because the snow ridge just below the summit is the ridge you want to aim for every bit you climb. On the manner upwardly you pass by a small stone which offers a nice view if you feel like doing a mini side trip. With a little fleck more of a push y’all arrive on the summit of Ruth Mountain. The North Cascades unfold with stunning views and deep valleys that get into the Picket Range.

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Nooksack Glacier Panorama
Nooksack Glacier Panorama

Yours Truely on the Summit of Ruth Mountain
Excited on the Peak

The Picket Range
The Watch Range

The Summit Ridge
The Summit Ridge

Looking Down Towards Icy Peak
Looking Downwardly the North Face

Mox Spires
Mox Spires

Duane admires the view of Mt....
Hiking with Mount Shuksan

Interesting Lighting on the Mountain
Interesting Light on Ruth

Snow Patterns
Snow Patterns

Climbing up the Ridge
Climbing upward the Ridge

Red Tape

Crevasses on Ruth in October

Ruth Mountain during October

At that place are no permits for this climb every bit long as you do the standard North Face Road. Go on in mind that during the summer in that location are black flies and mosquitoes which can bring downwards the enjoyment level if one is hanging out at the lower elevations.

Many creeks tin can be establish on the way to Hannegan Pass which 1 could filter water or in afterwards season y’all might find trickles near the Ruth Glacier. And of course when all else fails at that place is the glacier itself for water.

Hannegan Pass has been known for bear encounters, and so continue your goodies stashed away when camping. I personally was nigh 15 feet from a bear in this area.

When To Climb

The all-time months to climb Ruth are May through September. If i is lucky with skilful conditions it can be done during the winter months which snowshoes or skis would be highly recommended. Apply farthermost circumspection in this barrage prone area during Winter and early on Spring.


Camping can be found at the Hannegan Top trailhead also as a few places nigh Hannegan Pass. I suppose you could also camp below the Ruth Glacier along the ridge where there are a few flat spots. If weather condition is looking proficient and your up for it in that location is a bivy spot on the summit.

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Mountain Conditions

Oct 10, 2004 – It was a dark...

Gloomy Atmosphere

Ruth w/ Climbers

Crevasses on the Route

This area of the North Cascades receives a tremendous amount of snow each year. Due to information technology’southward western location amidst the Cascades, Ruth is subject to quick and bad weather condition.

For current conditions information on Ruth Mountain bank check in with the Noaa Forecast.

For Avalanche Conditions, check in with the Northwest Barrage Centre. (Limited based on the season)

Check in with the Forest Service Website for more data on the current road conditions which can be found at Route Number 32 “Hannegan”. (the link give you most of the Mt. Baker Highway hikes)

Gear to Bring

Descent - unroped. Saw two...

Ice Axe and Crampons

Eileen on the Ruth Glacier,...

Roped upwardly for the Climb

Ruth Mountain from Hannegan Trail

Overnight Packs

Mandatory Gear for the Climb

    • Ice Axe
    • Crampons
    • Rope
    • Glacier Rescue Gear (prusiks, carabiners, webbing, ect.)
    • 2 Snowfall Pickets (for standard glacier travel)
    • two-3 Liters of Water Per Person
    • First Help Kit
    • Beat out Jacket
  • Glasses/Goggles (comes in handy when snowy)

Recommended Extras:

    • Lord’s day Screen
    • Map and Compass
  • Photographic camera

Overnight Gear:

    • Tent/Bivy
    • Sleeping Pocketbook
    • Basis Pad
    • H2o Filter/Tablets
  • Stove, Fuel, Pot, and utensils (for cooking)

Topographic Maps

Ruth Creek Topographic Map
Ruth Creek Topographic Map

Ruth Mountain Topographic Map
Ruth Mount Topographic Map

Wild Life and Flowers

Ruth Mountain with Lupines
Ruth Mountain with Lupines

Ruth with flowers
Ruth with Flowers

Silky Phacelia on the Summit of Ruth Mountain
Silky Phacelia on the Summit

Ruth Mountain with Cabbage

Mount Sefrit with Flowers
Mount Sefrit with Flowers

Butterfly on the Summit
Butterfly on the Summit

Sefrit Mountain on trail to Ruth/Hannegan Pass
Paintbrush with Mountain Sefrit

Tiger Lillies
Tiger Lillies


Ruth Mount July two-iv, 2011 by Mitchell Crane

External Trip Reports

Suppose Ruth Ann Has 3 Routes