Which Graph Has a Slope of

Which Graph Has a Slope of

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Desire to know what in that location is to do in Keystone CO as well ski and snowboard? At that place’s so much! Whether you’re looking for things to practice along with or instead of skiing, there’s much fun to be had with things to do in Keystone CO.

Although there’s PLENTY to do on the slopes, nosotros loved exploring the resort. Photo: Jill Robbins

Things to practise in Keystone CO off the Slopes

If yous’re scoping out a ski vacation, yous’re probably making your list of things to exercise when you’renotskiing or snowboarding. If yous’re like me (not annihilation close to existence a ski bunny), you’re actually interested in those extra things to do at a ski resort. This was our beginning family ski holiday and I didn’t know what to await.

My ix-twelvemonth-one-time son and I recently had the opportunity to spend some time at beautiful Keystone Resort. Keystone Resort is located near Dillion Colorado, a mannerly mount town in the Rocky Mountains. Breckenridge and Vail are non far away. Visitors coming from exterior the local area can fly in to Denver airport. The resort is serviced by Epic Mountain Express shuttle service.

Although I had to practically remove my son from the slopes by strength each day, thanks to ski schoolhouse lessons, we did fully bask all the non-skiing things the resort has to offer. Wondering about things to do in Keystone CO off the slopes? I’ve got you covered with this list of awesome things to practise.

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Did you know that y’all can rent your ski gear? The Ski KITs are rented at 90% off of the retail toll and shipped directly to your destination with gratis shipping and returns. This is a peachy pick for families with kids who grow out of their ski gear each season. Kit’southward include jackets, pants, goggles, gloves, and optional snow boots. See all rental options here.

one. Der Fondue Chessel

Der Fondue Chessel is the ultimate
prèsskidining experience. Y’all’ll ride not one but two gondolas to reach an elevation of over 11,000 feet. A Bavarian-inspired feast awaits you at Der Fondue Chessel, which is a four-course immersive food feel, consummate with entertainment. If your family enjoys The Melting Pot, yous’ll similar Der Fondue Chessel. It’southward a similar concept, simply Der Fondue Chessel is an elevated, luxury experience. Elevated in a literal sense (11,000+ feet is no joke) and elevated in a repast quality sense.

You’ll begin with a salad, followed by a cheese course. You’ll then enjoy a a primary fondue course. My favorite (of course!) is the delicious chocolate form.

You’ll want to make reservations to eat here and I’ll warn ya: this one tin get pricey. The basic developed dinner is $78 per person and the basic kid portion is $39. But it’s worth the splurge. In my stance, what actually makes Der Fondue Chessel exceptional are the available add-ons. You lot can add on premium enhancers to your cheese grade, such equally pesto or truffle oil. Premium proteins such every bit common cold water lobster or elk can exist added to your meat class.

The”don’t miss” add on is the chocolate flambe. It’s like having your very own indoor marshmallow roast and I have to tell y’all, I loved it as much every bit my son did.

Visiting Der Fondue Chessel is one of the things you can do in Keystone CO besides ski
Der Fondue Chessel is a sweetness way to terminate your twenty-four hours on the slopes. Photograph: Keystone Resort (Branden Smith)

2. Sleigh Ride Dinner

I say this is a don’t miss feel at Keystone Resort. I recommend booking information technology as soon equally you know yous’re going. We did this on our last night at the resort. It was a great way to cap off our trip.

You lot’ll come across at the Adventure Center a one-half hour before your reservation time for cheque in. Then you’ll have a shuttle motorbus to meet your sleigh team. For a Texas girl like me, dashing through the snow in a ane horse open up sleigh was a serious bucket list thrill. Full disclosure: at that place are actually two horses pulling your sleigh, but it doesn’t become with the whole
Jingle Bellsvibe I had going on.

Y’all’ll take a x-minute drive beyond the snow (blankets are provided) to a remote homestead for a three-course repast and live bluegrass music entertainment. Nosotros had homemade beefiness and barley stew with fresh biscuits for an appetizer and apple pie with ice cream for dessert. You’ll take some choices for entrees, which you’ll need to make when you lot pre-society. Water and hot chocolate were on the table and there are other beverages bachelor for buy – AKA a full bar. We were offered a gratuitous shot of peppermint schnapps to warm us up, which I thought was a fun bear on, although the within motel was very warm and cozy. You practice have to go out into the cold to use the restroom facilities, though.

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The Sleigh Ride Dinner is one of the things to do in Keystone Co besides ski
The Sleigh Ride Dinner is a definite don’t miss. Photo: Keystone Resort: Branden Smith

The Sleigh Ride Dinner is a definite must practise. Since it’south managed through Keystone Stables jointly with Keystone Resort, I recommend you lot double and triple cheque your reservation to make sure you have all the details foursquare. We had a mix-up with our fourth dimension, which wasn’t a huge deal since it was later than we’d been told. Simply if information technology would have been the other style effectually, that would accept been bad, since the meals are prepaid.

TravelingMom Tip:
For more than dining options at Keystone Ski Resort, bank check out this page. You will definitely not go hungry. There’s a wide range of nutrient options and pricing, but in general, the food at Keystone Resort isn’t what I would consider bargain priced. You will probable have kitchen facilities in your condo and in that location are nearby places to get groceries and snacks. This will help make full in the gaps between those premium dining experiences that I really call back are don’t miss. And, it’southward totally OK to list eating amidst my favorite things to do in Keystone CO, right?

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3. Snowfall Tubing

Snow tubing is and then much more my speed than skiing or snowboarding. You go the aforementioned sort of “flying through the snowfall” sensation simply you’re much lower to the footing. Beingness a five’10, 53-year-old first-time skier is a little terrifying. Non having as far to fall is a fiddling less stressful, but keeps a lot of the thrill. If you’re looking for things to exercise in Keystone CO equally a family that non-skiers will like, check out snow tubing.

Snowfall tubing starts at $30. Reservations are highly recommended. And since Keystone Resort offers night skiing, guess what that means? You tin also snow tube at night nether the lights. How fun is that?

TravelingMom Tip:
New to ski resort life and non certain what to pack? Our ski trip packing list has all the info y’all need.

four. Ice Skating

If y’all’re looking for something to do on a non-ski day, try ice skating. Keystone Ski Resort offers two unlike water ice skating venues. The kickoff and the largest (and, in my opinion, the best) is on Keystone Lake, right off the vestibule of the principal lodge. We stayed in the Argentinia Condos and we had a lovely view of Keystone Lake and the ice skaters. We saw a lot of grace and talent and a lot of wipe outs as well. It was all good.

We didn’t become a chance to go ice skating when nosotros went to Keystone Resort but we enjoyed watching the skaters at unlike times of the day. We thought the rink on Keystone Lake was the prettiest. Photograph: Jill Robbins

You tin can also ice skate at Dercum Square, located in the River Run Village, where you’re going to find almost of your shopping and premium dining.

Skate rentals at both locations are $15 for adults, with reduced rates for kids and seniors. The Keystone Lake location also offers private ice skating lessons and hockey stick rentals.

Which location you choose is a affair of personal preference and volition probably be driven past the location of your lodging. Keystone Resort is vast – it’due south very much like a pocket-size town. There are buses and shuttles to get yous from i identify to the next and you too accept the choice to bulldoze your car. That said, unless you’re getting lessons, y’all’ll probably desire to skate nearly to where you are staying.

We stayed in the Agentinia Condos and had a gorgeous view of Lake Keystone. In that location was something happening on the water ice almost every hour of the twenty-four hours. Photo: Jill Robbins

I would personally choose the Keystone Lake location. I think it’s prettier and more scenic. You also have the nearby Adventure Center if you want to duck inside to warm upward or fifty-fifty enjoy a hot drinkable.

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five. Ride the Gondolas

We found riding in the gondolas and ski lifts to be an activity in itself, even though we primarily used them as transportation. You don’t have to be skiing or snowboarding to bask the mountain, but y’all do have to have a elevator ticket to ride the gondolas.

Although you lot’re usually riding the gondolas to get somewhere, they’re a fun experience all by themselves. If you lot ride the second gondola all the way up to the eleven.000 foot mark to consume at Der Fondue Chessel, you’ll be given a cozy blanket for the ride. Photograph: Keystone Resort: Branden Smith

The lift tickets are cards that y’all’ll want to store in a designated jacket pocket. My son’s ski parka had a special pocket designed just for this purpose. The lift lines are fully automatic at Keystone Resort and they’re very efficient. Nosotros loved the feeling of sailing into the trees and it was a lot of fun to watch the skiers in the ski area beneath.

6. Kidtopia Kids Programs

There are no shortage for things for kids to exercise in Keystone CO. In add-on to ski school and the other winter sports activities your kids tin can get involved in, there is Kidtopia. Whether it’southward crafts, face painting, movies, coming together the rescue dog or learning the science behind snow, you’ll be able to find something at Kidtopia that appeals to your kids. And let’southward exist real: a lot of this will appeal to you, too. There’s a fiddling bit of child in all of u.s. and Kidtopia is a great identify to indulge that.

Largest snow fort in the globe? Yes please! Photo: Jill Robbins

And did I mention the world’southward largest snowfall fort? For southerners who don’t get a chance to see this kind of magic every mean solar day, the snowfall fort really was something to take in. Check out the website in advance of your visit to see the current list of activities.

They’re offer nightly fireworks seasonally (November through March – brand sure y’all cheque the schedule). I was absolutely diddled abroad by the quality of the fireworks, so brand certain you don’t miss them.

vii. Mountaintop Family unit Adventure

If you lot want to experience the mountain in a different mode than on skis or a snowboard, endeavour the Mountaintop Family Hazard. You’ll have astonishing views of the Erickson and Bergman Bowls atop Keystone and get to ride in a snow cat vehicle.

This experience starts at $48 per person and we recommend accelerate reservations.

8. Snow Biking

If you’re thinking snowfall biking is some of fat tire biking, you would be wrong. Snow biking isn’t really biking. It’s probably more than like skiing than biking. The best manner to draw snow biking is a bike seat atop a bike-similar appliance with blades instead of wheels.

It’s a little funny looking simply that’s part of the depict. Rates start at $xl and lessons are required. After an initial lesson, you can hire a snow cycle and whiz down the slopes.

come across several people riding fat tire bikes throughout the resort, but snowfall biking is completely its own matter.

9. Shopping

Retail therapy is my love language and the shops in River Run on the Keystone Resort property don’t disappoint. They are by and large centered around ski gear and Keystone souvenirs, merely in that location’due south a TON of multifariousness. As a San Antonio resident, I don’t have much use for ski or cold weather gear,  only I had a blast looking at all the cute ski and

If you lot want to venture a little further out, at that place’s more shopping in the surrounding area. There are outlet malls at Silverthorne, which is virtually eight miles from the resort. If you’re looking for something besides ski and cold-weather condition gear (although they have both in abundance) or if you just desire a little bit of time to power store, this is your place. Yous’ll need to accept a motorcar for this one, or have a taxi or ride share.

You lot’ll find shopping and dining in Keystone Resort’south River Run area. Photo: Jill Robbins

10. Spa Experiences

Skiing makes your muscles sore, especially if you’re a first timer. Even if you don’t ski, a spa day is never a bad idea. I didn’t get to experience a spa treatment at Keystone Resort, although our shuttle driver, Andy, gave information technology rave reviews. Our visit was relatively short and we had a decorated schedule, just if I would have had some other mean solar day, I would have put my son in an extra ski school session and gone for information technology.

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The spa at Keystone offers various massage options, facial and body treatments, nail and waxing services and more. They even have a kids spa menu that has fun options, such equally a chocolate mousse facial or candy pikestaff pedicure. If you lot’re staying a week and want to requite your kiddo a special treat off the slopes, these kid treatments are very reasonably priced.

eleven. Fitness and Yoga

If you don’t think wintertime sports offer enough opportunity to become your exercise in, Keystone Resort offers Studio Yard, a yoga and fitness studio. There are a variety of yoga and barre classes and differing intensities – you can check out the class descriptions here.

A drop in class will run you $xx which is almost  standard for fitness classes in about areas. However, yous do get a gratuitous class if you book your lodging through the resort, which is a great benefit of staying on site. A gentle yoga class might help ease those kinks out after a day on the slopes. Or, if you’re me, a day of falling downwardly.

12. Explore the Resort

I’ve highlighted a lot of things to do in Keystone CO that don’t involve skiing then if you’ve read this far, you know you won’t lack for things to practise off the slopes. Y’all’ll also find seasonal activities (the lobby display at Christmas fourth dimension was gorgeous) and lots of opportunities to take pictures to commemorate your vacation (and make the folks at dwelling house jealous – ha!).

Since the resort is so vast – information technology feels more than like a boondocks than a resort – I recommend you take your arrival twenty-four hours or even some other total day on top of that to acclimate yourself to the resort and to effigy out how to get around. Keystone Resort offers a complimentary transportation system – a combination of gratuitous buses and on-call shuttles – that will meet your transportation needs, but the organisation isn’t intuitive. Depending on where you’re staying, yous may need to have more than than 1 shuttle to go where you’re going. We were very frustrated with the limitations of the transportation system on our first mean solar day. In one case we’d been in that location a couple of days and knew what to expect and knew our way around, it was a lot easier.

If information technology is your commencement visit, I recommend combining exploring the resort with getting a feel for the transportation arrangement. This volition make certain you’re in good shape for the balance of your planned activities. I find I bask myself so much more in an new location one time I accept my bearings.

Nosotros loved hanging out in the Adventure Center located just backside Keystone Lodge. If you ice skate on Keystone Lake or exercise one of the Sleigh Ride Dinners, this is where yous’ll bank check in. The Adventure Eye has a bar and tables and offers a really fun, cozy temper. My son and I spent some quiet time in here playing a lath game while we waited for an activity. He remembers it as ane of the all-time moments of the trip. This goes to show you never know when and where you’re going to find those moments when you lot’re traveling and that they might not be what you expect them to be.

thirteen. Visiting in summer?

Here are things to do in Keystone CO that don’t involve winter weather or snow!

No snowfall? No problem. A lot of these winter activities are either available in summer or have a summer parallel. There’due south ice paddle boarding and other h2o craft activities instead of ice skating. There’southward a wagon ride dinner instead of the sleigh ride dinner. And of course, at that place’s golf game, horseback riding and mountain biking. Read hither for more info on summer activities.

Want to explore beyond Keystone? Here’due south a listing of family unit friendly Colorado ski resorts.

Photo Credit: Adam-Springer from Getty Images Pro.

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