Wellness is a Continuum Which Means

Wellness is a Continuum Which Means

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When it comes to self care, understanding the
wellness continuum
can help keep you lot at your all-time. I put together a guide to make information technology easier!

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Wellness isn’t simply the absence of disease. Information technology’south important to know how to move towards ultimate wellness in gild to live your life as your best you!

The Illness-Wellness Continuum is a concept from the National Wellness Institute
that proposes that wellbeing is more than just whether or not yous take symptoms of an affliction. Information technology encompasses mental, emotional, and physical health.

Oftentimes nosotros think of health only every bit relating to visible illnesses such as disease, injuries, or disabilities. But what about anxiety and depression and other unseen facets of our life that contribute to our overall wellness, or wellness?

This continuum is a sliding scale that we are constantly moving back and forth on. To the right is optimum health and health, and to the left is illness and premature death. Through awareness, educational activity, and growth, i can continue moving towards the positive cease of the spectrum.

Dimensions of Health

Depending on where you wait, you may meet either fewer or more dimensions. The National Wellness Institute identifies the following six dimensions:

  1. Emotional Wellness– the sensation and credence of your feelings and emotions and how you cope with relationships and life in full general.
  2. Occupational Wellness– the idea of enriching your life through piece of work that aligns with your values and is fulfilling and rewarding.
  3. Physical Health– how y’all care for yourself through what you eat and beverage, ensuring you lot are sleeping enough, and exercising.
  4. Social Wellness– how you contribute to your community and interact with others.
  5. Intellectual Health– keeping your brain stimulated by engaging in challenging and artistic activities.
  6. Spiritual Wellness– to detect your pregnant of life and using your behavior and values to live a life with purpose.
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Stages on the Health Continuum

As you move along the spectrum the ultimate goal is to work towards improve mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and then that you lot tin can achieve your full potential.

The stages along this path are split by a neutral zone. As you lot movement in the management toward illness you laissez passer through the signs, symptoms, and inability. While heading in the way of high level health you pass through awareness, education, and growth.

It’s possible to motion upwardly and downward this spectrum throughout your life, and even day to day.

How does information technology work

In your solar day to day life you should be practicing habits that help you lot progress you along the positive path.

Living your life to your full potential requires you to be in a positive state of mind. If in a state of physical or emotional disease, the body cannot role at its all-time.

Many areas of life can improve including physical wellness and relationship as you work toward wellness.

You lot’re probably familiar with Newton’s First Police force of Motion, which states that a body in motion remains in motion. The same goes for moving toward wellness. Once i expanse of your life improves, information technology motivates more positive changes affecting your overall wellbeing.

How tin you apply it to your everyday life

There are a number of small-scale actions you can take to work your style forth the wellness continuum. The following are unproblematic affair you can add together into your life flake by scrap that will help with each dimension of wellness:

  • Eating well past adding in wholesome nutritious food to your nutrition.
  • Get your body moving every mean solar day.
  • Practice meditating.
  • Try activities that challenge y’all and brand y’all stride out of your comfort zone.
  • Exercise caring acts for others.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Make certain your circumvolve is filled with people who contribute positively to your life.
  • If you belong to a church, participate in activities.
  • Residue well! Shoot for at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Effort to limit how oftentimes y’all are on social media.
  • Choice upward a new hobby.
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Common Questions

What are the 5 stages of health that makes up the health continuum?

The v stages along the continuum are disability, symptoms, awareness, teaching, and growth.

What are the two categories which make up the continuum of wellness?

On the terminate of the illness side is premature death, and at the stop of the wellness side is high level health.

What are the six dimensions of health?

Emotional Wellness, Occupational Health, Concrete Health, Social Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Spiritual Health

Is there a health disease continuum?

The wellness continuum is sometimes referred to as the health illness, illness-wellness, and wellness continuum. All of these terms refer to the aforementioned concept.

Helpful Resources

Every bit your journey forth the path to wellness, the post-obit information may help you out:

  • More But Food
  • Mindfullness Principles and Pillars
  • Modest Habits Brand Big Changes
  • Exercise Habits for Life Success
Woman laying forward in a cross legged position on a yoga mat

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Wellness is a Continuum Which Means

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