List and Describe the Five Main Inspirations for Artists

List and Describe the Five Main Inspirations for Artists

This “design” illustrates the qualities of





variation on a theme

. Subtle color changes fin the reds and blues add variety and involvement to the composition while maintaining club and construction. Information technology is strongly


past similarities of unlike parts. The viewer’s eye is led through the pattern by variations in color in each row.  The dominate structural line points back and forth creating vectors leading the middle right, and so left, then right. Finally, the upper left corner with its pre-literal graphic elements insist on being seen because they juxtapose a contrasting style.

The child sent this postcard to her grandparents. It has a note on the other side (dictated to her mother who wrote it for her, and may take prompted her a bit). It reads, “I promise you’re doing well. I would like to become to your business firm some calendar week. Thank you for the Barbie and clothes.”  The artwork gives the kid a means to limited her feelings and give emphasis to her wishes.  She is learning the values of her family and her culture. Furthermore, the child is learning the importance of her ain status and how she has some control over her ain life.


The child who painted the tempera painting at the top of this folio has grown upward to earn a Harvard Ph.D. and has go a published and award winning research scientist who has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Their children besides loved to paint, model clay, and draw. While none of this proves the value of painting, drawing, and dirt modeling as a developmental action for young children, these kind of art activities combined with other favorable nurturing experiences certainly seem to be very beneficial. When children draw, paint, do clay modeling, and other original artwork; they are thinking about all kinds of options. They are learning to brand choices, They are imagining how others volition answer to their piece of work (nurturing empathy).

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Information technology can exist very rewarding and motivating for toddlers to work with art materials. It provides the young brain many advisable and engaging challenges dealing with more abstruse mathematical and exact constructs. It is extremely helpful for the child to become positive reinforcement for self initiated learning activities. Self-designed art projects provide positive cocky-image and the chance for affirmative feedback that results in continued cocky-challenging trouble-making and problem solving. Parents who limited an involvement by request children to tell them well-nigh their artwork are helping their children learn to think, to imagine, and to brand their own discoveries. On the other hand, parents and teachers who prescribe too much , requite too many directions, evidence children how to do too many things may notice that the child becomes as well dependent on others and is less self-sufficient.

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List and Describe the Five Main Inspirations for Artists