Which of the Following Statements is True About Body Composition

Which of the Following Statements is True About Body Composition

Self-Study Quiz: Chapter 06: Multiple-Choice

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1 Fat that is necessary for normal body functioning is called ______.
End of Question 1

2 A limitation of BMI is that it ______.
End of Question 2

3 A BMI value of 32 would allocate as ______.
End of Question 3

4 Which of the post-obit statements is true regarding trunk composition?
End of Question 4

5 Fat stored just under the skin is ______.
End of Question 5

6 Which statement is true regarding the body’s patterns of fatty distribution?
End of Question 6

7 Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) has an error range of ______.
End of Question 7

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8 An egg-shaped bedroom that uses air displacement to decide total body book, total body density and pct body fat is known every bit ______.
End of Question 8

9 All EXCEPT which of the following statements are true regarding bioelectrical impedance assay?
End of Question 9

10 The least authentic method for estimating body composition is ______.
End of Question 10

11 For a 20-yr-old female, which of the following torso fatty percentage values falls within the “Adept” or “Excellent” categories?
End of Question 11

12 In the Us, overweight and obesity levels are ______.
End of Question 12

13 Which of the following would be considered a higher risk gene for chronic diseases?
End of Question 13

14 Which trunk composition assessment is considered the “gilded standard” method?
End of Question 14

15 An individual’southward pct of storage fatty is based on which of the following?
End of Question 15

16 For which population is BMI the LEAST accurate?
End of Question 16

17 In social club to lose one pound of fat per calendar week, a caloric deficit of _________ is required.
End of Question 17
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18 The female athlete triad consists of ______.
End of Question 18

19 When setting goals for reaching a healthy body composition, it is important to remember to ______.
End of Question 19

20 Percent body fat is ______.
End of Question 20

21 The largest component of body composition for a typical twenty–24 twelvemonth old is ______.
End of Question 21

22 While no truly effective methods exist for getting rid of cellulite, tips for avoiding cellulite include: ______.
End of Question 22

23 The body composition assessment that tin also determine os density is ______.
End of Question 23

24 All EXCEPT which of the following are locations assessed when utilizing circumference measurements to estimate body composition?
End of Question 24

25 When monitoring your body changes regularly, information technology is suggested to ______.
End of Question 25
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Which of the Following Statements is True About Body Composition

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