What is the Best Description of the Conservatives

What is the Best Description of the Conservatives

Both Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan are different types of conservatives but used one another to achieve greatness!

As with many other political leanings, there are different types of conservatives… a lot of them. Then what exactly are the different types? And what type am I?

Oft conservatives are just clumped together and labelled “The right”. Notwithstanding, but like the left, there are different types of conservatives!

19. Social Media conservatives

Social media conservatives are i of the more obscure types of conservatives. Their rise has come with the rise of the internet, about notably the ascent of various social media platforms.

The oldest and crudest form of social media conservatism tin be found on MySpace, the first widely-used social media platform.

As time progressed, social media conservatism has gotten wiser. They accept kept up with the trends of the latest social media platforms, including using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and nearly recently Tik Tok.

Social media conservatives postal service clickbait style posts almost 24/7. Their aim is to allurement in low data voters– voters who are on the contend well-nigh who to vote for.

They use emotive linguistic communication and carefully curated images to get the highest amount of clicks to their content.

18. Traditional conservatives

Traditional conservatism is the conservatism of your grandparents (most likely!) They believe in the power of the constitution and the power it gives the government and the people.

They are opposed to socialism and communism and see them as truly “unamerican”. They also back up minor government- it shouldn’t overbear into people’s everyday lives also much.

They often support things like revenue enhancement cuts, tax breaks to corporations in exchange for chore creation, privatization, reducing spending and limiting entitlement programs.

They also emphasize the important of clemency- you should give more than of your income to clemency than the regime. Hence the tax cuts and so on!

17. New conservatives

Donald Trump is considered to be a new conservative. Photo courtesy of Matt Johnson via Flickr.

New conservatives are 1 of the near contentious types of conservatives. This isn’t every bit a issue of their ideologies, but because paleoconservatives and traditional either love them or hate them!

New conservatives are made up of immature people, oftentimes Millennials and people younger. These are people who desire something different.

However, this isn’t that they desire to modify conservative ideals, but that they only want something other than the “norm”.

Remember, these are people who were born at the stop of the Clinton administration. They were as well young to remember the Bush administration then ended up with Obama being rammed downwardly their throats.

But they didn’t buy it. In fact, they often had differing ideologies from those of their peers and teachers at schoolhouse. And Trump took advantage of that in 2016 and will accept reward of it in 2020. Likely to slap-up success!

sixteen. Neoconservatives

Neoconservatism has its roots in the rise of the neopolitical movement.

Originally meant to oppose both the counter culture move and Paleoconservatism, neoconservatism was soon altered during the 1970’southward.

Many liberal scholars became disillusioned with the Democrats and decided to join the Republicans. However, they didn’t fully agree with the Paleoconservative ideals.

Somewhen, they found the neoconservative movement, and contradistinct information technology heavily. They believe in stimulating the economy through lower taxes and incentivizing business.

However, they also believe in giving the welfare system more funding, by finding alternative ways to fund it!

xv. Paleoconservatives

Paleoconservatism often emphasizes the past. Merely equally with other types of conservatives (including neoconservatives and religious conservatives), Paleoconservatives are extremely family-oriented.

They believe that a strong family life, connection to God and refraining from over-indulging is the key to a good and strong society.

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However, Paleoconservatives exercise not accept the other offshoots of conservatism. They believe that they should be the sole conservative group in the globe, united by ideology alone.

Some Paleoconservatives even believe that anyone who isn’t a Paleoconservative ie. someone who claims to be… say a new conservative is actually a liberal in disguise!

14. Gay conservatives

Gay conservatives share ideologies with most mainstream bourgeois groups in terms of financial and social policy.

Nevertheless, where they differ from other types of conservatives is in terms of minorities and minority rights. Naturally, they believe in protecting gay rights in non only their own state/state but likewise internationally besides!

They also differ past protecting and upholding the rights of other minority groups. Whether they are ethnic or religious groups!

They tin can oft be seen defending the rights of Blackness and Latino voters, even when other members of “The right” are not!

xiii. Religious conservatives

Religious conservatives have their roots in the Bible or like religious texts.

Whilst their beliefs range, depending on which religion they are apart of, and even what denomination they are! They practice share many traits with one another!

They are often opposed to the idea of mass immigration- but those immigrants who are able to produce value (ie. highly skilled immigrants) should exist allowed to alive in the US.

They are also opposed to things like drug use, prostitution and abortion. They believe that these things are morally wrong and should exist made illegal (if not already) and enforced to the full extent of the police force.

They are also opposed to the idea of legalizing gay wedlock, as the Bible, Quran and Torah forbid them. At the
(emphasis on
extreme) they are besides opposed to giving minorities rights. Although this isn’t very mutual.

12. Atheist conservatives

Atheist conservatives are ane of the more controversial types of conservatives. For many traditional conservatives, paleoconservatives and religious conservatives, the idea of a godless conservative is like a god-fearing liberal.

It simply doesn’t happen!

Despite this nevertheless, many atheist conservatives believe in some form of higher being. They believe in fundamental religious principals- don’t impale, don’t steal, don’t womanize etc.

However, they believe that strictly enforcing religious ideals on conservatives is only serving as a deterrent for future conservatives. Why be ostracized as an atheist conservative when I am fine as a liberal?!

11. Blackness Conservatives

Blacks, as well as many other minorities, are overwhelmingly liberal. However, there is a minority of black voters who are more conservative than liberal.

And this type of conservatism is growing! Many black voters, not only in the US, but besides the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well, are feeling disenfranchised past the left.

They are seeing the rising levels of course warfare, where they are used as “prime examples” and are sick of it.

They see the disparities betwixt blacks and whites, not as racism, but a divergence in mindset. The previous generations of black voters have been likewise conceited with being “lower class”, rather than working to become “upper course”!

10. Latino conservatives

As with the example of blackness voters, Latinos are more often than not, liberal. Just equally with black voters also, in that location is a small minority, or in this case a majority as it seems, of conservative Latinos.

In fact, despite many of Trump’due south remarks well-nigh Mexicans beingness “rapists” and “bringing drugs and crime”, he managed to win 29% of the Latino vote. That’s a lot more than than Hilary Clinton’s 11%!

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Conservative Latinos believe in the unity of family and the importance of faith in politics.

Just every bit Black conservatives have, they’ve seen the divisiveness of the Democrats and have needed a modify. They likewise don’t see eye-to-eye with Democrats due to their Spanish culture, history and philosophy which oftentimes go against Latino ethics.

ix. Liberal conservatives

Liberal conservatives are i of the oddest types of conservatives. They oft support war, religion and having a strong economy, merely also support nationalization and other liberal views.

As with many other conservatives they back up Israel in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Nonetheless, unlike other types of conservatives, they are also anti-isolation.

Economically speaking they are more socialist (and liberal) than capitalist (and conservative). Socially speaking, they are very conservative, even more so than people like Reagan!

Although many are members of the Republican and Tory parties, they are almost never full members. In fact, many liberal conservatives in the Republican Party are chosen RINOs (Republicans in name only).

viii. Bourgeois liberals

Abraham Lincoln is considered to be a bourgeois liberal. Photograph courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

Conservative liberalism is considered to be at the far left of the right or at the far correct of the left. Essentially it combines liberal ideals with bourgeois stances.

For case, conservative liberals are often very religious people and believe in a stiff family life. However, they differ from their conservative peers by believing in supporting various different social issues.

They believe in supporting minority rights and abolishing injustice throughout the country. Not only on a national level but also on a state and personal level too!

vii. Libertarians

Libertarians are bordering on the left side of the correct. They are also incredibly difficult to pin down central beliefs- no 2 libertarians share 100% the same beliefs.

But similar conservatarians (more on them afterwards!) they believe in decriminalizing all types of illegal drugs, prostitution and illegal immigration.

Libertarians often also believe in limiting the power of individual states and the authorities overall. This is to forbid an authoritarian government from rising up in its place and taking over.

Libertarians oft advocate for consummate, or near-consummate, isolation from the residual of the world. They believe that we should produce as much equally possible in our own country to protect jobs and the economy.

Speaking of the economy, libertarians likewise believe that privatization and de-regulating our economic system is the way forward.

They know that stat-owned enterprises are a burden to the country, and tin can exist ran successfully privately. They also believe that past de-regulating the economic system, private businesses will become more profitable and provide more taxation income and jobs!

6. Libertarian conservatives

Simply as with bourgeois liberals, libertarian conservatives are considered to be at the far right of the left or at the far left of the right.

Their ideologies and viewpoints are very close to conservative liberals, however are radically different at times.

Just as with bourgeois liberals, they believe in supporting minority rights and upholding them on a personal, country and national level. Notwithstanding, it’south their economic policy where they begin to differ course conservative liberals.

They believe in extreme free-market capitalism to best help the people and the government with nearly no government intervention. They also believe in heavily funding public services, specially education!

five. Alt-right

Unfortunately for many conservatives, the term “conservative” for some has the implication of the alt-right. That is to say an extreme class of conservatism that rejects mainstream media and other types of conservatism.

Although the alt-right has existed in some form or some other for several centuries, it has been brought to the mainstream thanks to the internet.

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The internet has allowed many members of the alt-right become media moguls. They have made millions by publishing deliberately controversial content, that gets debates fired up, betwixt conservatives and liberals alike!

Many of these members have supported Republican and conservative candidates in contempo years, including Donald Trump and Boris Johnson!

4. Conservatarians

Rand Paul is a conservatarian. Photo courtesy of Matt Johnson via Flickr.

Conservatarians are a unique blend of libertarian and bourgeois. As with libertarians, they hold very left-leaning views but also very right-leaning ones besides!

For example, conservatarians believe that we should decriminalize prostitution, drugs and illegal clearing. Something that borrows heavily from their libertarian backgrounds.

However, conservatarians also believe in beingness pro-business just are anti-cronyism. They believe that it is the job of a strong authorities to promote business only only step in if it gets also bad for the people.

It is for this reason why many different types of conservatives meet conservatarians as more liberal than conservative!

3. Social conservatives

Social conservatives believe in vehemently protecting the condition quo. This should be done through maintaining our sexual relationships, being patriotic and having a strong family life.

Social conservatives are often opposed to the idea of divorce, believing it to create dysfunctional homes and thus problems in the future.

Social conservatism states that in society for society to operate efficiently, a rigid social structure needs to be established. This thought makes it both very similar and very different from other types of conservatives.

Hence the reason why some conservatives (and liberals) don’t similar social conservatives!

Social conservatism frequently opposes state-atheism, however not disbelief itself. They believe that if we allow states to stop believing in God, that societal order will merely break down equally a issue.

2. Fiscal conservatives

Fiscal conservatives are economically-focused. Whilst they may be more liberal in other aspects, they are very neutralist in their economic views.

As with many other types of conservatives, fiscal conservatives believe in privatizing state-owned companies. As with Libertarians, fiscal conservatives understand that state-owned enterprises are a waste of money for the government.

Financial conservatives also believe in lowering taxes. They believe that by lowering taxes, information technology will incentivize the economy to perform much better. Individual businesses volition invest their profits, in plough creating jobs, and consumers will buy more than stuff!

By doing these two things, fiscal conservatives believe that the regime debt volition be dramatically lowered. They also believe that authorities spending volition become less every bit a result!

one. Cultural conservatives

Cultural conservatives believe in upholding our heritage. Both the skillful and the bad.

They believe that we should endeavour to grade better friendships betwixt nations not based on ideology but on a shared sense of identity. And at that place are several ways we tin ‘identify’ ourselves.

Cultural conservatives believe that nosotros should go stronger allies with countries that speak the aforementioned language equally us. This means that we should try to make better friendships with other English-speaking countries, especially Canada and Great britain!

But this could likewise mean French and Spanish-speaking countries too! After all, places like Illinois and Louisiana all the same have big French-speaking populations! As do Texas, Florida and California for Spanish!

There are many different types of conservatives, which are you? Tell me in the comments!

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What is the Best Description of the Conservatives

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