Which of the Following is an Example of Latent Learning

Which of the Following is an Example of Latent Learning

Examples of Latent Learning

Have you ever learned something without realizing that you’ve learned it? That’s called
latent learning, which refers to the process in which learning takes place subconsciously without rewards or reinforcement. You can simply tell that learning has occurred when animals or people demonstrate it. Take a look at boosted latent learning examples in both the animal kingdom and the human world.

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Understanding Latent Learning

Latent means “hidden,” so

essentially means “subconscious learning.” The latent learning psychology definition is that it’s a blazon of observational learning that involves a person or fauna learning a behavior simply not demonstrating it until there is reason to do then. Information technology’due south different than classical or operant workout, which are techniques that stimulate or reinforce specific behaviors with rewards. Latent learning has no firsthand benefits just remains in a discipline’s heed until they need to demonstrate information technology.

Latent Learning Examples for Animals

Tolman’s rat experiments are the most well-known case of latent learning in animals. Withal, you’re probable to see animals demonstrating their latent learning every day. It’s not the same as training an fauna so waiting for their behavior to alter — the learning itself is non-reinforced, even if the operation is reinforced.

Some animal examples of latent learning include:

  • A canis familiaris in a new business firm takes time to explore every room and tin afterward easily discover its h2o dish in the kitchen.
  • A kitten observes its mother using the litter box and can later on utilise the litter box itself when it needs to go.
  • A parrot quietly listens to its owner speak for weeks before demonstrating a perfect imitation of their vocalisation for a treat.
  • A shark swims past a coral reef every solar day and afterward knows how to get at that place when food elsewhere is depression.
  • A colony of ants explores a countertop for crumbs of food and later on navigates the counter easily when a human spills syrup on the surface.
  • A dog breaks away from its owner on a leash simply can discover its style home by post-obit their regular walking route.
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Latent Learning Examples for Humans

And so what is latent learning in the human globe? Since humans are technically animals, information technology works very similarly. Humans larn how to do something past observing it and only demonstrate that knowledge when they need to.

Some examples of latent learning in humans include:

  • A student watches a lesson about adding double-digit numbers and can afterward demonstrate the knowledge during an important test.
  • A rider in a carpool learns the route to piece of work each day through observation, and when it’s their turn to drive, they can get at that place without a map.
  • A child observes others using proper manners and demonstrates that knowledge when prompted to apply the manners.
  • An employee listens to a colleague perform specific higher-level tasks and tin can subsequently demonstrate the ability to practise them when they are given a promotion.
  • A child watches their parents navigate the estimator and can employ i when given ane equally a gift.
  • A toddler watches their older sibling utilize the bathroom and can practice so when they demand to become to the bathroom, as well.
  • A higher educatee is taught how to teach only is unable to demonstrate that knowledge until she receives a teaching job.
  • A new barista spends weeks watching others brand coffee drinks very speedily, and when it’s their turn, they can also make the drinks chop-chop.
  • A teenager watches their parent measure a car’s tire pressure, and when their own tire pressure is low, the teenager can measure information technology without instruction.
  • A child learns how to dance by watching characters on telly only only demonstrates that cognition in one case asked past others.
  • A viewer watches cooking shows all the time and later automatically knows several cooking skills when making a complicated meal.
  • A child learns to sew by watching their female parent and can easily sew when she loses a push button on her own shirt.
  • A student learns to pigment by watching others but does not do so until he must pigment a picture for a grade in an art form.
  • A parent instructs their child on how to properly make clean a bathroom, and when the child grows upwardly, they utilize that noesis to clean their bathroom.
  • A child watches others play soccer on the playground, and when they are asked to bring together, they can play quite well.
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More Near Latent Learning: Using Cognitive Maps

Think about the way you get from your business firm to the grocery store, or to the motion-picture show theater. No one taught you how to get there, and y’all don’t receive a advantage once you arrive, but somehow, y’all know how to do it. That’s 1 class of a
cognitive map
— an internal model of the globe effectually you — which you build equally a result of latent learning. Animals use cognitive maps to notice sources of nutrient, water and shelter. We use them to guide us through our daily lives, besides.

Tolman’s Rats

Edward C. Tolman developed the thought of latent learning and cerebral maps past placing three groups of rats in a maze every day for over two weeks. The groups were different in the following ways:

  • Group 1
    received rewards every fourth dimension they made it through the maze.
  • Grouping 2
    received no rewards when they fabricated it through the maze.
  • Group 3
    received no rewards for making information technology through the maze until day eleven.

Tolman plant that while Group 1 very apace learned how to navigate the maze as a result of operant workout, Groups ii and 3 only wandered frantically throughout the maze. Even so, once Grouping 3 received rewards on twenty-four hour period eleven, they speedily navigated the maze. Tolman concluded that while the rats had been “wandering,” they had really been creating cognitive maps of the maze. One time they knew there was reinforcement for completing the chore, they demonstrated their latent learning of the maze by running it only as quickly as Group A, who had been receiving rewards all forth.

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Every Mean solar day Is a Learning Opportunity

Now that y’all know what latent learning is, yous may see many of your daily behaviors in the same light! How many skills practice you accept that others but see when you demonstrate them? For more than psychology help and insight, check out these examples of cerebral psychology and how information technology’s used.

Which of the Following is an Example of Latent Learning

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