People With a Healthy Body Image Will Not __________

People With a Healthy Body Image Will Not __________

A guide for parents and youth

What is trunk image and self-esteem?

Trunk image is both the mental pic you lot accept of your ain torso and how you meet yourself when you look in a mirror.

Self-esteem is how you lot value and respect yourself every bit a person. Self-esteem affects how you accept care of yourself, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Torso image and self-esteem directly influence ane another. When yous have healthy body image, you feel comfortable most your body and know how to care for it.

When someone doesn’t like their trunk, they may non feel skillful about themselves or take care of themselves. This tin can hateful not eating or sleeping enough, staying away from friends and family, or turning down chances to do things they would otherwise enjoy.

Having a healthy trunk image means recognizing the qualities and strengths that brand you feel good near yourself.

A positive environment where friends and family unit are supportive of each other and accept each other’s appearance is essential to self-esteem and body image.


What can I practise?

  1. Treat your body with respect.

  2. Eat balanced meals with a variety of nutritious, appealing foods.

  3. Enjoy regular, moderate exercise for the joy of feeling your trunk move and abound stronger, not simply to burn calories and control body fat.

  4. Go enough residuum and so you lot can enjoy each day.

  5. Don’t estimate yourself and others based on weight, shape, or size.

  6. Respect people based on the qualities of their graphic symbol and accomplishments, not just considering they appear slim, well-built, or “well put together.”

  7. Dress in a way that makes y’all feel good.

  8. Get rid of all the clothes in your closet that don’t fit. This includes clothes that you can wear just when dieting and apparel you lot wear to draw attending away from your torso shape.

  9. Donate or put abroad clothing that is too minor. Make room for clothes that you bask wearing.

  10. Surroundings yourself with positive friends and family who recognize your uniqueness and like you simply as you are. When you’re effectually people and things that brand yous feel good, you lot’re less probable to base of operations your self-esteem on how your torso fits the media’s definition of “dazzler.”

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Dazzler, health, and strenght come up in all sizes. Our bodies are unlike—every body is a good torso.


How do I know if I accept a healthy torso image and self-esteem?

  • You see and think of yourself as a whole person, not a collection of specific trunk parts.

  • Yous accept and celebrate the uniqueness of your natural trunk shape and size.

  • You empathise that a person’s concrete appearance says very fiddling about their character and value as a person.

  • You lot feel comfortable and confident in your body, and avoid worrying virtually food, weight, and counting calories.

Information technology’s important to remember that each body is unique. Anybody’s family background and environment influence their size and weight differently. There’s no such matter equally a “one size fits all” body type that’s right for anybody.

When you feel good virtually yourself and who yous are, you stand tall and naturally comport yourself with a sense of conviction and self-acceptance that makes you beautiful and attractive regardless of your weight, size, or shape.


How practice I know if I accept a negative body prototype?

  • You lot focus on your torso’south weight and perceived flaws.

  • Yous feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about your trunk.

  • You’re convinced y’all would be happier or “improve” if you lot were thin.

  • You believe that but other people are attractive.

  • You exercise to lose weight or to “make up” for calories that you’ve eaten.

People With a Healthy Body Image Will Not __________