The Excerpt’s Rhyme Scheme is Ababcdcd Abbacddc Abcdabcd Aabbccdd

The Excerpt’s Rhyme Scheme is Ababcdcd Abbacddc Abcdabcd Aabbccdd

Brace Octave


Construction, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Stanzaic


An eight-line stanzaic grade with rhyme of
abbacddc. No requirements on meter or length. The Italian octave is a subgenre of this.




abbaabba or abbacddc

Rhythm/Stanza Length:


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My thanks to Charles L. Weatherford for his fine Poetrybase resource.

Brace Octave

The Brace Octavehas its roots in music. The brace is the wavey symbol that joins 2 staffs of music, indicating that both scores are played simultaneously. The verse course referred to every bit the Brace Octave is a lyrical blend of meter and rhyme, the rhyme scheme almost taking the shape of the brace. It could even be said that the octave itself acts as a caryatid joining two envelope quatrains.

The Brace Octave is:

  • stanzaic, written in any number of octaves (8 lines) made up of 2 envelope quatrains. When writing more than 1 octave, fifty-fifty numbered stanzas grouped in twos seems to fit best with the venue of the form.
  • metric, iambic tetrameter. Some sources indicate no meter necessary but given the musical nature of the verse, it seems to me measured lines are appropriate if not a prerequisite. The best known verse form utilizing the Brace Octave is
    2 Songs from a Play
    W.B. Yeats
    which is written in iambic tetrameter so I estimate Mr. Yeats agrees with me.
  • rhymed, with an envelope rhyme scheme abbacddc (see information technology does sort of look like a brace lying down.)
    Hither is

    William Butler Yeats’
    poem which was published in his book
    The Tower
    in 1928. In that location is a footnote from
     “These songs were sung past musicians in my play Resurrection.”
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I saw a staring virgin stand up

Where holy Dionysus died,

And tear the heart out of his side.

And lay the heart upon her hand

And conduct that chirapsia heart away;

Of Magnus Annus at the spring,

And then did all the Muses sing

Equally though God’s death were but a play.

Another Troy must rise and set,

Another lineage feed the crow,

Another Argo’southward painted prow

Drive to a flashier bauble however.

The Roman Empire stood appalled:

Information technology dropped the reins of peace and war

When that fierce virgin and her Star

Out of the fabulous darkness called.


In compassion for man’southward concealment idea

He walked that room and issued thence

In Galilean turbulence;

The Babylonian starlight brought

A fabulous, formless darkness in;

Odour of claret when Christ was slain

Made all platonic tolerance vain

And vain all Doric subject field.

Everything that man esteems

Endures a moment or a day.

Honey’south pleasance drives his love away,

The painter’s brush consumes his dreams;

The herald’due south cry, the soldier’due south tread

Exhaust his glory and his might:

Whatever flames upon the nighttime

Man’s own resinous heart has fed.

My thanks to Judy Van Gorder from PMO for the above.  I

 tend to concord with her conceptually about the meter and line length, just many do not.  Beneath is a poem that strays from isosyllabic lines and abandons consistent meter.

~Love Is Not But  A State Of Listen~

(Brace Octave)

Beloved is a very cute feeling

Tin make you sappy or happy

And at times tin requite you  healing

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Sometimes makes usa so unhappy

You reach the stars or hitting the ceiling

Emotions makes us  sad or happy

Dearest is non just a state of mind

For in your heart love you tin find

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000

[email protected]

My instance poem

Curt Shrift    (Brace Octave)

I tell ya friend

it’s quite okay

to write this mode

or else append

sounds to extend

the word array

with more to say

from start to end.

© Lawrencealot – Apr 20, 2014

Although I do believe that more than pleasant poetry results from utilizing meter and a consequent line length of iambic tetrameter or longer, I have to allow any octave using envelope rhyme to be tagged with this proper noun.

The Excerpt’s Rhyme Scheme is Ababcdcd Abbacddc Abcdabcd Aabbccdd