In a Mixed Market Economy the Government Regulates Business

In a Mixed Market Economy the Government Regulates Business

journal article

Roles of Government in a Mixed Economy

Journal of Policy Analysis and Direction

Vol. 6, No. iv, Privatization: Theory and Exercise (Summer, 1987)

, pp. 541-557 (17 pages)

Published By: Wiley

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management


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This essay argues that marketplace failure analysis provides an unsubstantial basis for assessing the kinds of things governments should be doing if they could do them well, and modern public choice theory an inadequate guide to obstacles to effective governmental activity. The statement is supported by analysis of political rhetoric and actual policy in ii arenas: back up of R&D, and assistance for poor children.

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Periodical of Policy Assay and Management (JPAM) strives for quality, relevance, and originality. The editors requite priority to articles that relate their conclusions broadly to a number of substantive fields of public policy or that deal with issues of professional exercise in policy analysis and management. Although an interdisciplinary perspective is commonly well-nigh appropriate, articles that utilize the tools of a single discipline are welcome if they have substantive relevance and if they are written for a full general, rather than disciplinary, audition. The editors welcome proposals for manufactures that review the land of cognition in particular policy areas. JPAM welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from all sources. Potential contributors should prepare manuscripts with an awareness of the substantive goals and presentational styles of the post-obit sections: Feature Manufactures, Betoken/Counterpoint, Professional person Practice, Policy Retrospectives and Curriculum and Case Notes.

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In a Mixed Market Economy the Government Regulates Business