Which of the Following is a Characteristic of Resilience

Which of the Following is a Characteristic of Resilience

Resilience involves the ability to recover and rebound from challenges and setbacks. Being resilient tin be important for helping people deal with a diverseness of problems and bounce dorsum from trauma. If you want to become more resilient, learn about characteristics of resilient people, as well as when and how to ask for help building resilience.

What Does ‘Resilient’ Hateful?

Being resilient means facing difficulties head-on instead of falling into despair or using unhealthy coping strategies. Resilience is often defined equally the mental reservoir of forcefulness that helps people handle stress and hardship.

Resilient people are able to describe upon this strength to cope and recover from challenges. That’s true even when they face up significant traumas, such equally job loss, financial problems, serious illness, human relationship challenges, or the death of a loved one.

Resilience also ways understanding that life is full of challenges. While we cannot avoid many of these problems, nosotros tin can remain open, flexible, and willing to adapt to change.

Characteristics of Resilient People

Resilient people are aware of situations, their ain emotional reactions, and the behavior of those around them. By remaining aware, they can maintain control of a situation and think of new ways to tackle bug. In many cases, resilient people emerge stronger subsequently such difficulties.

While people vary dramatically in the coping skills they employ when against a crisis, researchers have identified some primal characteristics of resilience.
Many of these skills can be adult and strengthened, which tin amend your ability to deal with life’s setbacks.

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Sense of Control

Practise you lot perceive yourself as having control over your own life? Or practice you lot blame outside sources for failures and problems?

Generally, resilient people tend to take what psychologists phone call an internal locus of control.
They believe that the deportment they take will touch the outcome of an outcome.

Of grade, some factors are simply outside of our personal control, such every bit natural disasters. While we may be able to put some blame on external causes, information technology is of import to feel as if nosotros have the ability to brand choices that will affect our situation, our ability to cope, and our hereafter.

Problem-Solving Skills

Trouble-solving skills are essential for resilience.
When a crunch emerges, resilient people are able to spot the solution that volition lead to a safe outcome. In dangerous situations, less resilient people sometimes develop tunnel vision. They fail to notation important details or take advantage of opportunities.

Resilient individuals are able to calmly and rationally wait at a trouble and envision a successful solution.

Strong Social Connections

Whenever you’re dealing with a problem, it is important to have people who can offer support. Talking about the challenges you are facing can be an excellent mode to proceeds perspective, look for new solutions, or simply express your emotions. Resilient people accept a network of friends, family unit members, co-workers, and online support groups to keep them socially connected.

Survivor Mentality

When dealing with whatever potential crisis, it is essential to view yourself as a survivor. Resilient people avoid thinking like a victim of circumstance and instead expect for ways to resolve the trouble. While the situation may exist unavoidable, they stay focused on a positive effect.

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Emotional Regulation

Resilient people are able to regulate their emotions effectively. The ability to recognize that they are having an emotional response and to understand what is causing the response can assistance them better handle emotions and cope with the situation at hand.


Resilient people are also empathetic toward themselves. They tend to find when they need to take a break and are able to accept their emotions, which is important for resilience. Self-compassion can help boost overall health and resilience and ensure that you lot’re fix to face life’s challenges.

How to Ask for Help

While being resourceful is an important part of resilience, it is also essential to know when to ask for assist. During a crunch, anybody can benefit from the help of psychologists and counselors specially trained to deal with crisis situations. Other potential sources of assistance include:

  • Books: Reading about people who have experienced and overcome a similar problem can exist motivating and suggest ideas on how to cope.
  • Online message boards: Online communities can provide continual back up and a identify to talk about problems with people who have been in a similar situation.
  • Psychotherapy: If you are having trouble coping with a crunch situation, consulting a qualified mental wellness professional can help you confront the problem, identify your strengths, and develop new coping skills.
  • Support groups: Attending support group meetings is a not bad way to talk about the challenges y’all’re facing and to find a network of people who can provide pity and support.

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Oftentimes Asked Questions

What are the seven resilience skills?

They are competence, conviction, connectedness, character, contribution, coping, and command. Pediatrician Ken Ginsberg, MD, created the seven Cs of resilience model to help children and boyhood build resilience. However, these skills can be developed at whatsoever age.

What does non-resilient mean?

Being non-resilient, or lacking resilience, oft involves becoming overwhelmed by hard or stressful situations, dwelling on problems, or using unhealthy coping mechanisms to cope with the challenges of life.

What does information technology mean to be stress-resilient?

People who are stress-resilient have amend coping strategies for handling stress. They tin recover more than quickly from the major and minor stressors that occur twenty-four hour period to twenty-four hours.

A Give-and-take From Verywell

Resilience is of import for mental health and well-being, and luckily, anybody can learn to exist resilient. While some people may be naturally more resilient, it’southward a skill that you lot tin can strengthen.

Start past practicing some of the common characteristics of resilient people and focusing on your existing strengths. Don’t become discouraged; becoming more resilient may have time, but the investment will have big payoffs on your wellness and well-beingness.

Which of the Following is a Characteristic of Resilience

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