The Factors Chiefly Responsible for Interpersonal Attraction Include

Interpersonal Attraction

The term
interpersonal allure
in Psychology is divers as:

1. An Attraction between people which drives them to fall in honey and form a long-term romantic relationship.

ii. An individual’south want to found a friendly or romantic human relationship with another individual.

3. A person’s positive mental attitude towards (or positive evaluation of) a particular person. Like whatsoever other attitude, this attitude has also three components:  1)
(perception of a person as good or cute), 2)
(feeling of liking towards the person), and 3)
(trend to approach the person).

Interpersonal attraction is one of the socio-psychological needs of human beings. Since human beings have an inborn instinct for
sociability, they more often than not enjoy the visitor of others. For this reason, some psychologists view extreme introvertial tendency as an aberration. Linked with this general tendency, human beings also desire to have someone personally close to them, with whom they can share their personal emotions and ideas to become psychological gratification. This want to have someone shut to them to seek psychological gratification leads to interpersonal allure – to be attracted to someone who is viewed as suitable (for a friendly or romantic human relationship).

Everyone wants a companion to live life with because such a healthy human relationship enables i to lead a happy life. This is an important aspect of life considering it brings psychological stability to people in the relationship considering it satisfies an individual’s psychological curiosities and needs in relation to the gender that an individual is attracted to. Without this need and marvel satisfaction, an individual may experience varying degrees of internal psychological instability, which may or may not come into visible expression. This is why an individual is attracted to or fall in beloved with another individual.

Attraction towards a person is based on the perceived suitability of the person for a close relationship which can be explained in terms of the post-obit
factors of interpersonal attraction. This explains the psychology of falling in beloved with a particular person.

Factors of interpersonal attraction and falling in love with someone

Physical attraction

Information technology is natural to attract to what appeals. Therefore, appearance and physical characteristics take a major role in getting attracted to a person. In other words, beauty (or perceived dazzler to be more right) attracts. The definition of beauty varies from person to person. 1 person may view someone as beautiful who may not be viewed every bit beautiful by another person. However, some characteristics may typically be viewed every bit an indicator of beauty. For case, men may be attracted to women that have large optics, fair complexion, sparse eyebrows, prominent cheekbones and then on. Women may discover tall and muscular men more bonny.

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More often than not, people have an image of idealized beauty in their mind which likewise serves as a basis for the appearance of their dream person. Whenever they come across a person which fits into the paradigm of their arcadian beauty (as in their mind), they autumn in love with the person.

It is likewise a
psychological tendency
that people by and large perceive a beautiful person to be also a good, loving, and caring person and like a person who treats others well. This is another reason why people may get attracted to a person with a good appearance.

Personality characteristics

It is not but appearance but also personality characteristics that attract. In some cases, the personality characteristics may even bypass the role of appearance in making someone fall in honey. For instance, i person may fall in dear with some other person not because that the person perceives the other person as beautiful but solely because of the impressive personality characteristics of the other person. However, it is also true that when personality characteristics are attractive enough to fall someone in love, the person is also perceived equally beautiful by the lover.

Every person has different personality characteristics such equally
jovialness or seriousness, aggressiveness or calmness, the way the person thinks and acts, the way the person talks to others, the mode the person treats others
and so on. The attraction to personality characteristics is mostly based on one’south own personality characteristics. For instance, a jovial person would be more attracted to a jovial person than to a serious person. Similarly, a serious would be more attracted to a serious person and would feel irritated from an overly jovial person. Attraction to personality characteristics (such as the manner individual talk to other or treat others) of a person depends how much these characteristics matter for (or valued by) the other person in general.

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Every person has specific
beliefs, and
attitudes. An individual is more likely to be attracted towards some other individual who has similar interests, beliefs, and attitudes. The similarity in these areas assures
mental compatibility
betwixt the two individuals going into a relationship. For instance, a person with mod and liberal preferences may find it a chip difficult to arrange with a person with conservative and orthodox preferences. On the other hand, if the individuals have similar interests, beliefs, and attitudes, it provides validation of their choices and ideas.

Similarity factor also applies to
socio-demographic characteristics
(e.g., age, social class, educational attainment)
cultural characteristics
(e.1000., cultural values and behavior, language). Generally, people get attracted to others of like age, social form, educational attainment. The similarity in cultural characteristics is sometimes viewed as more of import because the individuals feel secure and non threatened past those having common cultural behavior and values.

Similarity factors sometimes also applies to the appearance of a person. Some people may prefer others that are roughly equal to them because doing and then may aid them non face an inferiority complex.

The similarity is generally viewed as important for a happy and joyous human relationship. If the spouses are different in many respects, they feel difficult to adjust with each other and accept to compromise on many of their choices to save the human relationship.


Every bit discussed higher up, similarity leads to attraction. However, sometimes people are too attracted to others who are
from them. The reason for this is to reach
– to complement each other –
where 1) both individuals retrieve that their dissimilar characteristics would combine to complete the human relationship, or two) i individual thinks that his or her characteristics would be influenced and improved by the differing characteristics of some other person.

For instance, an
finds the other individual to exist more exciting because the
thinks it would have a skillful impact on their human relationship as well every bit on the mood of the
himself or herself who lacks excitement. Likewise, an
may exist attracted to the other individual who has better socio-economic status because the
thinks it would take skilful outcomes for their overall relationship as well as for the
himself or herself who has lower socio-economic status. Since complementarity attraction is based on the difference in characteristics, it commonly does non last long like the attraction based on similarity. Likewise, an allure based on similarity is generally more intense than attraction based on the difference in characteristics.

The term
means to respond to others in the same way they acted towards you. Interpersonal attraction is also sometimes a product of
reciprocity. It means that when we come to know that someone loves us, it causes us to love that person likewise. This happens because when people come to know that they are loved past someone, they feel of themselves equally valued and respected by the person which may naturally trigger their feeling of liking towards that person. Similarly, when you come up to know that someone loves you, you lot experience that that person shows regard to you and your characteristics, you enjoy this feeling and get attracted to that person to continue enjoying this feeling.

   Consummate love

Propinquity consequence means that people who live nearly each other or often see each other accept more tendency to class a friendship and romantic relationship. The reason, why people are more attracted to those who are about to them, is that they have more chances to meet each other, talk to each other, know each other, and are easily influenced by each other. Likewise, it is natural that when we meet someone frequently, we slowly and gradually start liking them. Another reason is geographical proximity that ways it is piece of cake to grade a relationship with those who are near (attainable) to us compared to afar ones. For this reason, interpersonal allure may sometimes be seen in people working in the same workplace or studying in the same establishment.

Concrete distance is an important factor; however, present social media and the internet have made communication very easy and the people living far away from ane another may besides get attracted to 1 another.

The Factors Chiefly Responsible for Interpersonal Attraction Include