Which Part of Kaedehara Yoshinori Experience

It’s the Irodori grand festival in Inazuma and Venti just gets wasted and passes out the night before and turns upwardly very confused on a transport the next morning

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They look like school kids who are being scolded by their disappointed teacher

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BARKING SO Hard ABWBEKNDKWBDJWBJEHXHBHDJWBRIIWWOWOQOOWOWJDNDJSJWJJSNDKWJSNSN BABWJJBSJAJEBDJDJ simply him breathing and existing is hot to me nosotros gotta thank ei iv that 😻‼ AND HIM BEING OVERPROTECTIVE OVER U IS HOT Also he honestly dont have whatever other scenes 🧍‍♀️

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Find how everyone except the officer is short

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[Patch two.6 Analysis] On Kuronushi, Kunikuzushi, and the Lessons of Irodori

Then, I had a LOT of thoughts almost the absolute monster of a lore drop nosotros just got with regards to Scaramouche, Kazuha’due south family, and the cycle of history. This post will be a mix of analysis of the Irodori Festival story and a theory about the implications of its conclusion.

SPOILERS: The entire Irodori Festival, Raiden’s second story quest, Ayato’s story quest [minor], The Very Special Fortune Slip, and essentially all Scaramouche lore currently in existence.

Tumblr media

TL;DR: What is the purpose of lying and secrecy? What happens when they fail to fulfill that purpose? Or, Ei’s misguided attempt (once more) to care for some other being and the importance of forgiveness to telling Kazuha and Scaramouche’s story.

Epitomize/Summary of Event Story

I never would have guessed Hoyoverse would brand an unabridged patch event about one of the well-nigh infuriatingly disruptive bits of lore in the game, but here nosotros are and I am non complaining.

To very briefly epitomize, later on the Sakoku Decree was repealed, a strange incident occurred at a warehouse managed by the Tenryou Commission – someone had broken in, but nothing was stolen. Ayato asked Kujou Sara non to change the warehouse’south security in response and had a member of the Shuumatsuban notice it in instance the intruder returned. Sure enough, someone did return, and each time they were unsuccessful in locating whatever they were searching for. Later the thief had to exit Inazuma by boat (perhaps he was in a rush?), Ayato searched the warehouse himself, finding among the seized possessions of the Kaedehara family unit a letter from Kazuha’s great-granddaddy, Kaedehara Yoshinori, disclosing a secret he had been held to all his life.

Kaedehara Yoshinori was once a subordinate of the Kamisato Clan before the Kaedehara’south downfall, which meant this undercover also concerned a secret kept by the Kamisato Clan from Ayato and Ayaka. Merely how was Ayato to convey such an important and dangerous secret to his dear trivial sister and a man he had a duty to protect as Kamisato Association caput? And how to test whether they were gear up to know?

Fate already had a plan in mind. After spotting Xingqiu and Onodera carrying copies of A Fable of Sword abroad from the warehouse in Ritou, Yae Miko asked Ayato to “tease them.” Ayato, with his own agenda in listen, institute the metaphor of the V Kasen rather plumbing fixtures for the story of the Raiden Gokaden and the truth of his and Kazuha’s clan’s past. With this, he crafted a plan to invite several important players into the mix of the festival in order to reveal the truth, 24-hour interval-by-solar day.

Gokasen, Gokaden

Tumblr media

The story of the Five Kasen goes like this: Akahito, one of the Kasen, was constitute guilty of plagiarizing one of his poems submitted to the Shogun. He was banished from Inazuma for this transgression, leaving in disgrace. Still, Sumizome subsequently read this collection and noticed that the plagiarized poem lacked his signature scarlet seal. To test her hypothesis, Sumizome dipped the poem in water to meet if the ink ran. Although she found the verse form was a fraud, it was already too tardily, and the fourth dimension to produce more poems for the Shogun had arrived. Aoi no Okina witnessed her actions, though he did not understand their pregnant, and they stirred his retention regarding his former friend Akahito. He then penned a poem about this scene he had witnessed and the friend who he missed. This poem would be included in the next volume of poems for the Shogun – even so, Aoi no Okina was intercepted and coerced past an unknown person to remove that poem from the drove and hand it over. He was to retrieve it while his fellow Kasen, Suikou, was drunk enough to be unable to stop him.

Venti: An average person could never understand the scene of a immature girl washing Akahito’due south poetry drove in a stream.

Venti: Fifty-fifty Aoi no Okina couldn’t figure out the meaning backside Sumizome’south actions. He was just reminiscing and thinking about his old acquaintances.

Venti: Nevertheless, for the perpetrator who framed Akahito, it was completely obvious.

Venti: He was worried that if this verse form was seen past the Shogun, so the Shogun could discover the truth backside the plagiarism incident. If that happened, so he’d be finished.

Unaware of what exactly had transpired while he was passed out from drinking, Suikou delivered the collection of poems to the Shogun as usual. Notwithstanding, she noticed one of Aoi no Okina’s poems missing from the book. Suikou pleaded guilty for his negligence, recalling that someone had trespassed on him while he was inebriated.

The one behind all of these schemes was Kuronushi, the fifth Kasen with the to the lowest degree extant detail regarding his grapheme. It is unknown why Kuronushi would have planted a plagiarized verse form in Akahito’southward works specifically, ruining his reputation and career forever, just as it is currently unknown precisely why Kunikuzushi would plan the downfall of Inazuma’s treasured five schools of sword crafting, the Raiden Gokaden, derived from the smithing techniques of the Raiden Shogun herself (More than About Kamisato Ayaka: Three), nor why exactly he decided to cease them.

True to their Kasen counterparts, Kazuha’s clan was framed for the failed Goshintou forging ~100-150 years ago, and the Kamisato family unit would assistance to reveal the truth of his family’due south downfall by removing the illusions that kept it hidden. The larger message of this truth would be revealed through the trials endured by the other two Kasen counterparts, resolved with the assistance of their friends. This message, to me, tin can be summarized by the following: the pain of lies, the pitfalls of secrecy, and the importance of forgiveness.

On Lies

Part of Ayato’s plan for revealing the truth of the Raiden Gokaden required him to exam his guests and their loyalty to one another. He had to see to what lengths this group would go for ane some other when they were imperiled, from trivial matters such as an ugly writer’southward signature to something as serious as a clan’s downfall. Would they trust each other plenty to rely on one another? Would they become to the ends of the earth to support each other through these troubles?

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This test raises important questions virtually the fall of the Raiden Gokaden, every bit well as virtually Aoi no Okina’s position in the tale of the Five Kasen. Was lying truly the simply manner to protect themselves and their families? Could Kunikuzushi have been stopped sooner if the bladesmiths had fabricated another choice? What if Aoi no Okina had chosen to disclose to Sumizome or Suikou or even the Shogun what was happening to him? Is secrecy always a good thing? Conversely, is the truth ever necessary, and under what circumstances? When does a cloak-and-dagger become a lie?

This isn’t to underestimate the very existent threat Scaramouche poses as a literal Archon’south creation who by this betoken had been tampered with past a mad scientist to exist even stronger than originally intended. The logic of the and so-Kamisato Association head and Kaedehara Yoshinori’s logic is more than understandable – nothing was more important to them than their family and their family’s safety. Fabricating the truth of their run into with Scaramouche could protect them all from a fatal future see with him.

Only this logic also cost Kaedehara Yoshinori his human relationship with his son. It cost the Kaedehara Clan its position in guild, and later contributed to its downfall after the family unit business of the Isshin Art ended. In add-on, it cost Ayato and Ayaka’due south male parent and mother their lives – though it is unknown whether they themselves were privy to the truth, the lie’s consequences for the Kamisato Clan’s continuing in Inazuman society were dire, and restoring information technology had an enormous toll. Their sacrifice left the Kamisato siblings equally orphans far too young, ushering them into an early on adulthood with snakes lurking in every corner. They could just truly trust i another and their honey friend Thoma from another land.

And this raises another question: what utilize is a lie that does non serve its purpose?

By the end of his life, I recollect Kaedehara Yoshinori wondered the answer to this question equally well, and the weight of this burden led him to disclose the truth in the manner that both felt most safe to him and that would preserve the truth for the longest corporeality of time.

Kamisato Ayato: Although he has the correct to know the truth, the closer he draws to things subconscious out of sight, the closer he too draws to danger. I had to confirm whether Kazuha has both the will and power to be privy to the truth.

Kamisato Ayato: Of class, I could outright tell him the truth that I had discovered, just maybe he doesn’t accept the will that’southward required. In that case, the truth would only become a burden to him.

Kamisato Ayato: If he lacks the power, so he wouldn’t be able to observe the truth in the starting time place. In which case, it would be ameliorate to keep him away from danger altogether.

Kamisato Ayato: Kaedehara Yoshinori left his bulletin in a roundabout way precisely for this reason.

Yoshinori’southward (and past extension, Ayato’s) reasoning wasn’t wrong, and I don’t call back information technology’s off-white to say the decision to lie about the Raiden Gokaden incident was completely wrong either. However, I do question whether information technology was truly the only viable determination they could brand, and I wonder if the prevarication was allowed to outlive its usefulness. Would deciding differently take actually changed anything that happened afterward? It’southward hard to say. We tin can only do our all-time in whatever given moment, and we won’t ever get it right. Still, this topic is nuanced, and there is ultimately no “right” answer to it, just perspectives.

Tumblr media

Information technology’s kinda only who Ayato is, y’know?

On Secrecy: A Theory of Scaramouche’south Abandonment

My heart Is strangely hollow: With the coming of the Spring, I, who beloved the blossoms so: What am I to do? -Otomo no Kuronushi, Shui Wakashu

Regardless of how you or I experience most them, secrets are an unavoidable role of life, and non all secrets should be disclosed. However, secrets rarely concern just one person, and therefore comport the potential to injure. And what’s a more than relevant case of this than the secret of Scaramouche’due south existence?

His life begins with the heartbreak of rejection. Originally created to hold Ei’s Gnosis, he shed tears in his sleep and was deemed likewise fragile, both as a homo and as a tool. Though Ei would not destroy him, she left him to slumber  in Shakkei Pavillion (Vocal of Life). He woke upwards lonely, aware somehow of the fact that he was abandoned by his creator (Surpassing Cup), and that he was unable to serve his purpose as a vessel for the Heart of God (Vocal of Life). Left to fend for himself, his twisted experiences led him to the decision to destroy five sacred forging arts “as an deed of revenge against the bladesmith.”

I theory I am a very big fan of is u/hypersheep325’s theory that Scaramouche’southward motivation to stop the Raiden Gokaden non only stemmed from the loss of Katsuragi, merely also from his desire to seek vengeance on his creator. Yae Miko promised him that the Almighty Shogun would not abandon him, just all he received from his creator was indifference. From his perspective, he meant nothing to her. Past this logic, his scheme against the Raiden Gokaden is partially about his desire for acknowledgement from Ei, a truly petulant and childish endeavor, but also i that is painfully human being.

What betrays Ei’south true feelings towards Scaramouche, however, is hidden in plain sight. Ei left him with the ornaments of the Husk of Opulent Dreams set, one of which is the Plumage of Luxury, a “proof of identity” granted past the Almighty Shogun. Though it doesn’t seem she ever anticipated he would become sentient and walk the earth on his ain (Surpassing Cup), this gesture reveals a tenderness toward him that is non otherwise credible in her judgment of his fragility and her decision to leave him. Yae Miko’s “Well-nigh Kunikuzushi” voiceline also reveals that Ei refused to destroy him partially because he was her creation, though Ei affords no such sympathy for the Shogun’due south wellbeing earlier her second story quest’s ending.

Even more than telling is Ei’s ain voiceline about him:

“He came about equally a byproduct of creating the Shogun. Perhaps it’s considering I experience like I owe him something, but I do not wish to assert control over him.” -Raiden Shogun: About Kunikuzushi

The weight of this statement from someone who previously was cool with her entire nation beingness controlled by her will lonely is one I’d not underestimate. Ei recognizes him as separate from herself, a person in his own right, simply as well recognizes his right to cull his own path in life. That’s powerful stuff from the queen of eternity.

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This leads me to wonder if Ei’south credible indifference to Scaramouche can exist partially explained through Ayato’s statement at the event’s conclusion: “the best style to protect a secret is to pretend that it doesn’t exist.” By acknowledging him, Ei would draw attention to two very dangerous secrets about herself: one, that she had created two beings capable of harnessing an Archon’s power, and 2nd that she had been using one of them to rule Inazuma in her stead for 500 years. That would exist kinda tricky to explain at this point, and non a lot of good would come from it.

More than than this, though, is that the public noesis of Scaramouche’s beingness and relationship to her would bring him cipher but danger. As an artificial existence, he could exist targeted past unscrupulous strangers who wanted to exploit him for their ain gain, he wouldn’t truly be able to attain the independence he craved because of his relationship to such an important figure, and-–

Oh, wait. That happened anyway. Encounter what I mean? What good is a underground that doesn’t serve its purpose?

While I am increasingly interested in the theory that Ei’s actions stemmed from her desire to protect Scaramouche, and that this would indicate she does care about him in her ain flawed way, I cannot stress plenty that this neither excuses her deportment nor invalidates Scaramouche’due south hurting from them. And then, what can Scaramouche do with his pain?

On Forgiveness

The spring showers Falling, are they tears? Red blossoms Scattered and unmourned- There’s no one then hard hearted.

-Ootomo no Kuronushi, Kokin Wakashu

Just equally secrets are an unavoidable part of life, and then is the pain of being hurt by others. When that pain inevitably comes, a choice presents itself: how volition I put my life back together now? How do I make sense of my new reality subsequently surviving this hurting? Kazuha’southward and Scaramouche’s contrasting grapheme arcs illustrate two possible outcomes when faced with that option: the long, arduous path of healing, or the lonely, painful path of vengeance.

Tumblr media

Discussions about Kazuha’s capacity and willingness to forgive are then  interesting to me because fans rarely hold on how he processes pain. To me, the widely varying opinions on his resilience are actually indicative of how well his character arc illustrates the non-linear process of healing. Kazuha’southward arc is near learning how to laurels his pain while not assuasive it to immobilize him. He is the embodiment of freedom because freedom is non an easy choice – he has to cull information technology over and over again, every day that he lives.

To put it lightly, forgiveness is complicated. Information technology means something different to each person, making it very hard to neatly define where it begins and where information technology should finish. And while Kazuha has come up a long way on his path of forgiveness and healing, cypher about this journeying has been easy. Although Kazuha is “stronger than we think,” he is still just human. Hatred and bitterness are far easier choices in response to pain, but they also defeat what it means to be free. I highly doubt that Kazuha does non nonetheless experience flickers of these emotions when he reflects on his past, just as all humans are prone to practice. However, Kazuha also concludes Irodori’s story with the same sentiment as his swell-gramps Yoshinori – the best fashion that he can honor his dearly departed friend and the sacrifice that his family unit made is to live with a free heart, refusing to be “deceived by things of the past.” Though hatred and bitterness can feel falsely comforting, they will non bring his loved ones justice, and they will non bring him the peace he has fought so difficult for himself.

Tumblr media

But Kazuha likewise didn’t become to this point on his own. Kazuha was very fortunate to accept people who cared for him in loftier and depression places, watching over him and guiding him towards the truth. Kazuha is an incredible character, but equally I said above, he is merely homo, and one that is quite decumbent to strong emotions not entirely unlike Scaramouche. In 2.ane, I was struck by how Ei’southward response to grief represented some other path Kazuha might have taken in response to his own loss, divine capabilities and nation-ruling differences not-with-continuing – only in reality, Kazuha’s other one-half in this respect has always been Scaramouche.

Tumblr media

Kinda like….these characters’ story arcs. Who, me? Pushing a Gaaramouche agenda AND a Shinjimouche agenda? Never! (From Naruto Chapter 262).

From the moment of his nascence, Scaramouche learned that he is not good plenty, that he is “weak” and inherently useless. In addition to the anger he harbors towards Ei for abandoning him, he is carrying the pain of losing his honey friend Katsuragi, a injure for which I accept no doubt he as well blames himself. If Ayato’southward test was meant to emphasize how important personal relationships are to our ability to weather condition life’s storms, then Scaramouche’south story only further underscores that truth. As someone who was robbed of his most important connections very early on in life, he holds on to his acrimony and grudges until they poison him, because he has no ane to tell him it is not the only way to live.

In a strange way, Ayato has also shown Scaramouche kindness through his conclusion to reveal the truth. Although the other “Kasen” and Albedo do not know his identity the mode that the Traveler and Ayato do, Kazuha’s closing remarks that he “would not turn a blind middle” if Kunikuzushi was still alive and intended to cause trouble again actually point concern for him that thus far has been demonstrated by literally no i in this entire game. Even if they are at odds, the idea that there are now people interested in knowing who he is and who care enough to personally hold him accountable for his deportment has promising implications for his future. Information technology’due south certainly better than being ignored.

Tumblr media

I’k serious you, Hoyoverse is not gonna deliver on Kazuha vs. Scaramouche. I will believe information technology when I see it. But if it happens I need this scene just Genshin Impact (from Naruto Chapter 138).

Lyudochka’s story in “The Very Special Fortune Slip” illustrates how the path to redemption is not afforded through the forgiveness of others, only from forgiveness given to oneself. Lyudochka was a victim of the Fatui’s warmongering and recruitment of child soldiers, but she also did horrible things while serving them. The old does not excuse the latter. Even so, Lyudochka has a choice – will she give in to her past and accept the story of herself that she’s so accustomed to, or will she cull to write a new story? Will she give herself permission to “walk in the light” once more? With some assist from the Traveler, Lyudochka learns that she doesn’t demand to run away from herself anymore, and that she is the only 1 truly capable of giving herself the gift of freedom. From her position as one exploited by the Fatui to her decision to abandon her birth proper noun, she has always reminded me of Scaramouche, and I can only hope that her story also foreshadows the conclusion of his story.

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Tumblr media

Out of all the Five Kasen, Kuronushi differs the nearly from his counterparts and is understood the least. With no dedicated chapter near him, his character is left up to estimation. Volition the reader find him utterly deplorable for framing his friend and almost ruining two others? Will they empathize with his weakness in having stooped and then low, fearing he’ll exist seen as a fraud in the eyes of the Shogun? Will he be exonerated with time? Will his legacy forever be i of shame? Genshin’due south Kuronushi is long dead, simply Kunikuzushi’southward iii acts are still ongoing, and ultimately it does not actually matter how others will receive his past, present, or even his future. No matter what the story does, players do not owe him their forgiveness, and information technology’s not really necessary that he is forgiven for him to exist able to grow. What I want to know is how he will receive himself, as he is seemingly backed farther and further into a corner from which he cannot escape. Who will Kunikuzushi choose to be? Will he continue to be deceived by illusions of the by, or volition he face up the truth?

Raiden Makoto: Eternity extends time into infinity, dreams illuminate each moment within.

Raiden Makoto: When both shine in unison, the Sacred Sakura blooms from the darkness, finally gratuitous from the clutches of the Heavenly Principles.

Cheers for reading, and what do you recall? What’s so special about the Niwa Association to Scaramouche? Volition he let his grudges go? When is a secret no longer justifiable? This was so hard to write because none of these questions accept clear answers that fit every situation, and I’m genuinely curious what other people call back about them.


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Rather Anile Notes

Husk of Opulent Dreams

Surpassing Cup

Other Media

Naruto Chapter 262

Naruto Chapter 138

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I like this detail

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Tumblr media
Tumblr media

Excuse ME????

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3 thanks to Venti reappearing 🍷

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simply finished playing the irodori festival quests and to say my thoughts without writing a whole paragraph:

– kind of pitiful ei and venti didn’t interact only i did joke around with my ei a lot

– hoyoverse give u.s.a. ayato and itto interactions you cowards nosotros’ve been know those bastards protrude fight (and somehow thoma doesn’t know about it)

– if social media existed in teyvat sara would run a bunch of raiden shogun fan accounts just nosotros’ve been known

-taroumaru vanquish my donkey what the fuck (i swear i’1000 normally good at eyeframing i just got frustated)

– please permit klee and yoimiya interact a again but in a scenario where they can burn shit upwards, i want to see those pyromaniacs create anarchy, let the tenryou commission accuse them for arson for all i care

– sereve lack of ei really, i know she’s the shogun she’s busy hence just showing upwardly for half a second simply c’mon

– i desire to beat scaramouche’south ass actually

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shitty exes albedo and scaramouche

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okay and then basically at that place are five poets right? n the ones who were portraying them in the painting were venti, xingqiu, kazuha, ayaka and scara. (I’ll just use the portrayals for this djdkdk)

so these v poets fabricated such cute poems that the shogun tasked them to offer some poems to her, it all started when venti gave the poems that the v kasen had created but the shogun establish that one page was ripped off of the poems (I recall the missing page was from xingqiu’s poems), venti reveals that he got boozer the day before and someone must have ripped the certain page off.

and even b4 this, kazuha was blamed for plagiarizing works and so he was exiled from the land.

ayaka who was as well part of the 5 kasen was curious as to why kazuha was caught plagiarizing and so she got the pages of the supposed plagiarized poem and dipped them in water- it smudged and ayaka saw that somebody had tampered with it.

and so, xingqiu saw what ayaka did and wrote a poem virtually information technology since information technology was such an interesting sight right? and so like a 24-hour interval before venti was supposed to offer the poems somebody instructed xingqiu to rip out the page (the one about ayaka dipping the pages in water, xingqiu didnt actually know why she was doing it)

turns out it was really scaramouche who instructed xingqiu to rip out the folio since he was also the reason why kazuha was exiled from the state (he was the i who tampered with kazuha’south poems) and then that scaramouche wouldn’t be caught for his crimes. yeah that’southward pretty much the whole story of the painting 😭

I hope u understood what I said skkskskens



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Heya! I hope your day/dark/whenever has been wonderful!

I published a Kazuha-centric fic (cause he’s my son 😭😭) on my AO3 where Kazuha deals with the truth revealed during the Irodori Festival (SPOILERS FOR IRODORI FESTIVAL Consequence).

If this sounds like something y’all’d exist interested in, experience free to utilise the link beneath! Cheers in advance!!

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Information technology’due south the fact that this mans is probably the mighty warrior-

Dog from bantan sango instance files is that you???

Tumblr media

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so, uh. about that last event sidequest. the ane with gorou and kokomi.


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Which Part of Kaedehara Yoshinori Experience

Source: https://www.tumgir.com/tag/irodori%20spoilers