What Does a Sanitizer Test Kit Measure

Are Exam Strips Required, and Why?

Commercial sanitizers and test strips are required past health section regulations, and in Colorado those are the Colorado Retail Food Institution Rules and Regulations.  Why exercise y’all need
them?  Considering exam strips tell y’all if the chemical sanitizing solution is the required concentration.  Section four-402 reads:

“A test kit or other device that accurately measures the concentration in parts per one thousand thousand (mg/L) of the sanitizing solution shall be bachelor and used.”

What is Sanitization and Why is it Of import?

Practiced questions, and I’1000 glad yous asked!  Here is the definition from Section 1-202:

“Sanitization means the application of cumulative heat or chemicals on cleaned food-contact surfaces that, when evaluated for efficacy, is sufficient to yield a reduction 5 logs, which is equal to a 99.999% reduction, of representative disease microorganisms of public health importance.”

Simply put, if you lot use either sufficient heat, or sufficient chemical sanitizer, and so nasty microbes that can make yous sick are reduced by 99.999%.  That protects you and your customers, and it is important.  The regulations ascertain how much is sufficient, and I discuss that side by side.

Food Test Strips

Types of Chemical Sanitizers

The three most common chemical sanitizers are chlorine-based, fourth ammonia (QA), and iodine- based.  The required concentration ranges are beneath:

  • Chlorine-based (available chlorine as hypochlorite)
    Between fifty ppm and 200 ppm
  • Quaternary ammonia (QA)
    Between 100 ppm and 400 ppm
  • Iodine-based (bachelor iodine)
    Between 12.five ppm and 25 ppm

How Do You Use Test Strips and How Often?

Chlorine-based sanitizers:  Dip the strip into the sanitizing solution, then immediately remove and compare to the color chart.  If information technology reads between fifty ppm and 200 ppm, then the concentration is fine.

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Quaternary ammonia (QA) sanitizers:  Dip the strip into the sanitizing solution for 10 seconds, and then remove and compare to the colour chart.  If it reads betwixt 100 ppm and 400 ppm, so the concentration is fine.

Iodine-based sanitizers:  Dip the strip into the sanitizing solution for 60 seconds, and then remove and compare to the color chart.  If it reads between 12.5 ppm and 25 ppm, and so the concentration is fine.

If the concentration is either too depression or too loftier, either add sanitizer or dilute equally needed in social club to attain the required concentration.Test Paper

How frequently practise yous need to check the concentration?  The Colorado regulation does not specify.  But you demand to check frequently enough to ensure the proper concentration at all times.  A minimum of twice a solar day is my recommendation.

If you accept a loftier temperature dish machine in Colorado, you must provide a minimum temperature of 160 F on the surface of utensils/equipment to ensure that sanitizing has really occurred.  Since dish machine gauges tin be inaccurate, purchase and regularly use hot h2o test labels.

Fryer oil and pH test strips are not required by the Colorado regulations.

Remember This!

  1. Test chemical sanitizers in all locations.  This includes the buckets for your wiping cloths, the 3-compartment sink, and the depression temperature dish machine.
  2. Inspectors will often inquire for your examination strips and take you test the sanitizing solution, or they volition exam it themselves. Asking you lot to provide the strips will show them if you go along them readily bachelor…a manager scrambling to find them is a bad sign!  Secondly, watching you lot do the test will show them if you know how, so be prepared.
  3. The requirement for test strips is non-disquisitional, and if you violate it, it is marked as an 11C violation on the inspection form. Merely take the strips, apply them, make sure your staff knows how to utilize them, and keep all your sanitizing solutions at the proper concentration.
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What Does a Sanitizer Test Kit Measure

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