Tanner Has Invested $500 for College


Every year, millions of students in the Usa graduate high school and fix off on their adjacent big adventure. For many of them, that run a risk is attending college at one of the country’s many universities. If you’re preparing to go to college in the next year or ii and you only want the best in the U.South., these ten universities consistently earn high rankings for academics, program options and other factors.


Located in New Bailiwick of jersey, Princeton is i of the oldest schools in the land. Information technology’south the alma mater of enough of famous people, from presidents to motion picture stars, and the school’s peak programs include degrees in international affairs and engineering. Princeton is likewise known for its extracurricular activities, and even undergrads take to write a senior thesis.


Harvard consistently ranks equally 1 of the top colleges in the nation. Founded in 1636 just outside of Boston, the school boasts business and medical schools that are consistently considered the best of the best. 8 presidents have graduated from Harvard, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush and John F. Kennedy.



Located in Durham, Northward Carolina, Knuckles University consistently ranks in the top x for both undergraduate and graduate students. Some of its top programs include nursing, concern, public policy and engineering. The school is abode to highly-ranked medical and law schools and has a potent sports plan, particularly in men’s basketball. Notable Knuckles alumni include Melinda Gates, Elizabeth Dole and Tim Cook.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is known effectually the world for its math, scientific discipline, technology and technology programs. Buzz Aldrin, Kofi Annan and player James Woods all attended the school. MIT is also a recognized leader in scientific research and frequently spends more than $700 million each year on various groundbreaking projects.

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If you prefer a school on the Due west Coast, Stanford is in sunny California, just outside of San Francisco. Its education, engineering, medicine, law and business organisation schools are highly ranked, and the school has a prominent sports program and ample Greek life opportunities. Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy, NFL star John Elway and entrepreneur Elon Musk all attended Stanford.



Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale is another school that always ranks near the pinnacle of the list of best universities in the U.S. Founded in 1701, the university has height-ranked medical, law, art and nursing schools and has popular drama and music programs also equally extracurricular activities. Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper all attended Yale.


University of Chicago

I entreatment of the University of Chicago is its large city setting. It’s located in Hyde Park, and then there’s enough to exercise if you get bored with the school’s 400 organizations and 15 sports teams. The university’southward police, medical, public policy and business schools are all highly ranked. Notable alumni include economists Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell, Supreme Courtroom Justice John Paul Stevens and writer Kurt Vonnegut.

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Located in New York Metropolis, Columbia is another school that sits in the heart of a big urban center. Its concern schoolhouse, law schoolhouse, dental schoolhouse, journalism schoolhouse, instructor’s higher and school of surgeons and physicians are all highly ranked and in need. Warren Buffett, Amelia Earhart, Eric Holder and Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch are all notable alumni.

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University of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Franklin founded the Academy of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1740. Today, information technology sits on 299 acres, has 12 unique schools and colleges and is popular for students seeking extracurriculars, like sports, Greek life and religious organizations. Education, engineering, design, business, medicine and dentistry are all highly-ranked programs. Presidents WIlliam Henry Harrison and Donald Trump, Noam Chomsky and manner designer Tory Burch are all notable alumni.

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California Institute of Applied science

Another West Coast option, the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) has graduated leaders in fields like the arts, aerospace, regime and business, including 17 Nobel Prize-winning scientists and several important entrepreneurs. The science and applied science school is located only north of Los Angeles in Pasadena and features highly-ranked physics, informatics, engineering, mathematics, biology, chemistry and earth science programs.


Tanner Has Invested $500 for College

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