Select the Correct Answer From Each Drop-down Menu

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Dropdown Card List questions allow respondents to select an selection for multiple items in a list using a compatible dropdown of answers.

When To Use It

Use a Dropdown Menu List to display multiple dropdown questions that share the same possible answers. For example, purchased quantity of a listing of products.


  1. On the
    tab, click the
    Add together New Question
    option and select
    Dropdown Card List
    from the available options.
  2. Input your question text in the
    What question do y’all want to ask
  3. Within the
    department, input the dropdown menu options that will be shown via each dropdown menu.
    Dropdown Menu List Menu Options
  4. Adjacent, provide the row labels for each of your dropdown menus inside the
    Row Headers
    Dropdown Menu List Row Headers
  5. Make sure to
    your question when you are finished.

Validation Options

In that location are a couple validation options that you should be enlightened of when using the Dropdown Menu List question.

  • If you don’t want want your respondents to select the same respond from each menu in the list, select the
    Prevent respondents from selecting a dropdown value more than in one case
    checkbox. This will outcome in an reply being
    from the initial menu if information technology is chosen in a following menu in the same question.
  • You can too specify the number of rows that must be answered via the
    Respond Requirement

Dropdown Menu List Validation

Layout Options

There are also a couple of options available via the
tab that may be helpful.

  • If you have a large corporeality of dropdown carte list rows, consider using the
    Number of Columns
    setting to display your listing in two or more columns. Input your desired number of columns and save your question to come across the outcome.
  • You lot can place the
    Row Headers
    to the correct of the dropdown menus if you adopt, by checking the
    Identify labels on the right side of the input
    Dropdown Menu List Layout
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Survey Taking

On a desktop and most laptops, the Dropdown Menu Listing question type looks like so.

When optimized for mobile devices the Dropdown Menu List question type looks very like. Many mobile devices take a native select interface to make it easier for respondents to select an option with their finger. Whether or not this is available depends on the device.

Past default, survey questions show one at a time on mobile devices to prevent the need for scrolling on smaller screens. You can turn off this one-at-a-time interaction if you wish.

Dropdown Menu List Survey Taking on Mobile


Dropdown Menu Lists study as a Grid with a row for each list item and a column count and percent for each dropdown list option.

Dropdown Menu List Reporting

See additional uniform nautical chart types

Within the Standard Report there are various chart types available for visualizing your data. The below grid shows which of the our nautical chart types Dropdown Carte du jour List questions are compatible with.

*See report on filigree rows separately to learn how.

Run across what other report types are compatible

The below filigree shows which of the report types Dropdown Card Listing questions are compatible with. If you lot plan to practise some specific assay within Alchemer this report compatibility chart should help you choose the correct question types.

Report Blazon Compatible
Legacy Summary
(Private Rows Only)

Larn how to study on list rows separately

In Standard Reports the rows of Dropdown Menu List questions can be reported on separately as various chart types. Here are the steps to set this upwards:

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Click the Insertbutton betwixt any two study elements and select
Question Chart
from the dropdown menu. In the next dropdown carte look for your list question. Instead of selecting the overall question title, select the offset row of the list, seen below, and click
Add Question. Continue adding each row of the list question.

Select Individual Row of Grid Question

This will display the rows of the Dropdown List in nautical chart format. Cute!

Select Individual Row of Grid Question


In the CSV/Excel export, will display a column for each list item. The column header will display the list item offset, then the question championship.

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Select the Correct Answer From Each Drop-down Menu